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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

The explosion of digital mental health solutions—teletherapy, coaching, self-guided tools, meditation apps, wellness programs—has resulted in a fragmented, tangled array of benefits that is difficult for people to navigate. These patchwork point solutions often fail to address key populations, like those who may not recognize they need support and those whose mental health challenges are comorbid with chronic physical conditions and illnesses. Not to mention many of these solutions have little to no clinical evidence proving their effectiveness and suffer from abysmal utilization. Twill leverages technology to deliver Intelligent Healing, which is about seeing the whole person, understanding their unique needs and preferences, and tailoring the care journey around them. Our platform uses clinician-trained AI to screen and refer individuals to resources offered through Twill or an integrated partner. This Precision Care-based approach draws more people in and keeps them engaged, which improves health outcomes and lowers costs. We build Sequences for our customers to support specific medical conditions. Sequences are made-to-order configurations of elements from our Intelligent Healing Platform like digital therapeutics, online communities, and coaching. They are open by design, seamlessly integrating with existing systems and third party offerings. Twill’s Mental Health Sequence provides a more precise, connected care journey experience that guides each person the care they need, when they need it, in the way they want. Members have access to a well-being community, live coaches, and a self-guided therapeutic with evidence-based Therapeutic Media: behavior change interventions transformed into engaging and immersive videos, games, activities, and content.

Tech Differentiators

Our approach is based on the insight that a person's needs and preferences should factor heavily into the level and type of care provided to them, and that those needs and preferences may change over time—something that competitors offering only coaching or mindfulness or eCBT point solutions fail to take into account. With Sequences, we can deliver precise, personalized care through multiple modalities, including digital therapeutics, peer communities, and coaching, as well as third-party services (provided through EAPs, providers, or other partners) so that individuals can easily navigate to the solution that suits their needs while amortizing the client’s existing investments. We've designed our clinical-grade platform to be scalable, configurable, and open. This architecture allows for seamless integration with third party services and our customers’ existing digital solutions, resulting in fewer drop-offs and engagement barriers, and a more unified, connected care experience.


Twill’s Health Economics Outcomes Research team modeled the impact of Twill’s digital therapeutic at a population level by leveraging efficacy data from our clinical trial related to shifts in depression and concurrent anxiety symptom severity levels. Our budget impact model utilizes a difference-in-difference model to estimate the change in costs from baseline to post-intervention from Twill compared to a psychoeducation control. We used data from the 2019 National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS) to estimate direct medical costs (healthcare utilization, e.g., office visits, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and medications) and indirect costs included lost productivity (i.e., presenteeism) and lost wages (i.e., absenteeism) based on average depression and concurrent anxiety severity levels. The change in costs for each intervention was estimated using four depression-related health states (none, mild, moderate, severe), with a subdistribution of three anxiety levels (none, mild/moderate, severe) within each state. Based on our analysis of the burden of depression at a population level, 34% of the population had mild to severe depression symptoms. The average direct cost savings of Twill's digital therapeutic was about $2,322 per person, weighted by the severity of depression and compared to a psychoeducation control. We are developing the methodology and infrastructure to collect real-world economic evidence related specifically to the Behavioral Health Sequence. We plan to leverage not only our partnership with Komodo Health to evaluate real-world claims data, but also our novel and dynamic ability to capture behavioral-physical-social insights to estimate population-level impact on the healthcare system.

Why Us