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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

COVID-19 laid bare and worsened significant barriers to effective addiction care, preventing access to most in-person care while also doubling the number of people suffering from addiction. The pandemic highlighted a serious unmet need when it comes to accessing traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs) and medical professionals to treat addictions. Most employers don’t have an online solution for overcoming addiction. They offer the same, decades-old programs that lack effectiveness, are difficult to access, and often come with a pre-authorization requirement and limited number of sessions. During the height of the pandemic, many in-person clinics (both inpatient and outpatient) closed their doors, leaving patients with few options. Due to its convenience and effectiveness, demand for digital clinics has remained strong and growing, even as the pandemic’s effects wane. Employees like having this option for addiction treatment, and employers are adding it at a rapid pace. Quit Genius grew revenue by 10x in 2021, and its headcount grew by 4x in the past year. Quit Genius now partners with more than 100 employer and health plan clients, covering 2.5M lives.

Tech Differentiators

Unlike any other virtual addiction solution on the market, the Quit Genius solution was developed by three physicians based on their experience directly dealing with the challenges patients face in overcoming addiction. The trio also understands the power and importance of clinical research as the foundation for any successful addiction treatment program. Quit Genius delivers a technology-tailored, personalized addiction treatment supported with clinical research and demonstrated outcomes to help employees and health plan members with tobacco, alcohol, or opioid addiction. Quit Genius has been validated in multiple peer-reviewed studies and is the first in its category (substance use disorder treatment) to move to a fully at-risk pricing model. This value-based care model is more important than ever in an increasingly uncertain economic environment, and will further improve access to preventive substance use disorder treatment and help reduce healthcare costs.


Quit Genius delivers significant clinical and economic ROI. Our clinical ROI has been validated in 9 peer-reviewed studies, including a randomized-controlled trial. Our single-blinded randomized controlled trial compared Quit Genius against Usual Care in 530 participants. Carbon monoxide verified outcomes demonstrated a 52% quit rate in the Quit Genius versus 32% in the usual care arm at 28 days post quit date. Looking at long-term results, members that participate in the Quit Genius Tobacco Program have a quit rate of 44.6% at 6 months and 44% at 12 months, demonstrating results that are significantly more effective than traditional standard care. Quit Genius is consistently rated as the leading digital program for effective behavior change across multiple peer-reviewed papers. A synopsis of all 9 peer-reviewed studies is available at https://www.quitgenius.com/research. WiIth a demonstrated economic ROI of 4:1, the company stands behind its performance with a 100%-fees-at-risk guarantee.

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