Eden Health is a new kind of primary care that helps simplify the complexity of today’s healthcare system. We unite primary care, mental health, care navigation, and more under a Collaborative Care model to simplify the complexity that patients typically face.

Matt McCambridge

Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

We continue to see that employers are paying more for healthcare benefits but aren’t seeing improvements in care for their employees. Virtual care hasn’t substantively helped so far. The early promise of virtual care was that it would increase accessibility and engagement. On the whole, it’s created more confusion and more fragmentation of care while primarily being used for episodic and urgent care. Cue in the next generation of virtual care, which will finally live up to the original promise. It’s not a lesser version of in-person care. Instead, it takes advantage of the medium to provide true, continuous, proactive, longitudinal care. It will be relationship-based, engaging patients and focusing on prevention and condition management. Great virtual care is a magnet for employee engagement providing a path to better outcomes. And most of all, for employers, it will simplify the complexity and lower the total cost of care.

Tech Differentiators

At Eden Health, we’ve reinvented healthcare delivery through longitudinal, virtual-first care, supporting employees through their entire healthcare journey. We start with radically easy access to care and proactive, continuous engagement. Our easy-to-use interface, simplified appointment booking, and embedded navigation resources reduces complexity making it easier to access and engage in care. Once we’ve engaged employees, we further remove complexity through our Collaborative Care model—uniting primary care, mental health, physical therapy, care navigation, and more. Employees can text, connect on video, or visit in-person with a cross-functional group of salaried clinicians who care for patients holistically. By stripping away complexities that are hurdles to access and care, we are able to engage employees in longitudinal care, create trusted patient relationships, and guide employees through the entire healthcare system. The result? Better health outcomes and reduced total costs of care.


Based on our population of patients (~60,000), we see the following ROI: - 64% of hypertension patients w/ controlled blood pressure (vs. 46% industry avg) - 68% of diabetic patients w/ A1C at goal (vs. 48% industry avg) - 88% of patients in remission w/in 12 months of depression treatment (vs. 20-40% industry avg) - 5.1% antibiotic prescribing rate for viral URI (vs. 53% industry avg) - 6% imaging rate for lower back pain (vs. 20.4% industry avg) We can provide clinical ROI to our clients for their specific populations and in-depth data around engagement levels and economic ROI. Eden Health has industry- leading engagement. For every 1,000 members that are eligible for Eden Health’s services through an employer, 710 will register with Eden and 620 will engage in a completed clinical encounter in the first 12 months.

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