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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Women die in childbirth in the US at up to 3X the rate of other developed countries, with black women dying at 3-4X the rate of white women. Preterm births in US are more than 50% higher than other developed countries. One quarter of pregnancy & postpartum spend is due to complications. Meanwhile, more than 2M women of childbearing age live in maternity deserts. By the year 2050, it is projected that we will see a shortage of 22K OB providers nationally. The providers who keep showing up are increasingly experiencing burnout as they are being asked to do more with less while being constrained by a legacy fee-for-service model that has proven to be unsustainable moving forward. Maternity is a top cost driver for the system with wide variations in terms of financial and clinical outcomes. There is significant opportunity to reduce the financial burden on all stakeholders will radically improving both quality and experience. Wildflower’s integrated platform facilitates much needed care transformation in the maternity space. Without a technology suite that can enable the transition to value-based care, most providers and payers are not able to fully realize the potential of such models. We fill in all the gaps that currently exist in the system, fully equipping both providers and payers to successfully execute value-based care. Our solution uniquely addresses the triple threat of provider burnout/shortages, avoidable patient complications and an unsustainable payment model.

Tech Differentiators

This solution is the first, and only, comprehensive bundle for value-based maternity care being offered to the market. Within it, we are solving for many issues and closing many gaps in service delivery. This bundle positively impacts access, equity, quality and cost of care and brings together both payers and providers to accomplish all of this on a single platform. As a result, we are in a unique position to drive massive innovation within the women's health space, while doing so by working within the system. This means we aren't disruptive to provider workflows or relationships that payers or providers have with their members or patients. Additional differentiators include the ability to fully personalize the patient experience through a mixture of technology and human support. We tailor content, resources, calls to action and journeys to each individual. Also, our interventions are specifically designed to address all key drivers of maternal health outcomes, at the patient, provider and system level. From a value-based care perspective, our solution is the most sophisticated and holistic approach available. We have factored in total healthcare costs for both mom and baby, which is unique to previous value-based models. This allows for us to more meaningfully impact financial and clinical outcomes and generate savings that all stakeholders can share in. We also offer other unique capabilities, including the ability to aggregate risk across smaller OB practices to help them participate in value-based models.


We are in the implementation phase for our full-scale bundle with key clients. However, we project on average the bundle solution can reduce overall healthcare costs for maternity by 8-29 percent. We have studied the impact of our core capabilities, which are all leveraged in the bundle. Sample outcomes provided below. Our expectation is that we will perform as well, or even better, with the bundled solution and closer alignment with providers. Patient Activation and Care Team Efficiency 8x - per month digital use of our technology by patients 88% enrollment at point of care 3x - increase in identification of at-risk patients 38% - fewer missed prenatal appointments Care Transformation to Improve Quality and Outcomes 22% - improvement in HEDIS 75% - Reduction of low birth weight babies 20% - Reduction of ER visits Economic Value In traditional model - helped customer drive $2k in savings per low-risk pregnancy and $43k savings for high-risk pregnancies. Again, with VBC bundle, we can drive healthcare costs down by 8-29 percent based on the specific population and create dramatically improved margins for both providers and payers in the process while lowering the overall cost of care for all stakeholders.

Why Us