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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Pain is the most common and the primary reason that patients access health care. So pain is the primary driver of health care cost. Pain levels don't show up in claims data nor can objective pain levels be extracted from Electronic Health Records. So Employers/Health Plans/Hospitals/Government have no visibility into or data on the primary driver of health care costs. Pain has a bias problem (women, ethnicity, seniors). An extensive body of research validates this pain bias. Unfortunately, the Real World Data coming from our health care systems is crushingly similar. Pain is # 1 complaint of patients of color - their pain isn't believed. The value of the AccendoWave technology also extends to and directly addresses our maternal health initiatives where sadly "our young moms are dying". Benchmarked Labor and Delivery pain data can be incorporated into hospital databases and individual objective patient pain can be compared to benchmark Labor & Delivery pain data so clinical staff has validation of patient pain. AccendoWave technology simply compares brain waves for pain data analysis. AccendoWave creates value by providing objective pain data and insights to address bias, improve outcomes and reduce stakeholder health care costs.

Tech Differentiators

AccendoWave's super power is a new standard of pain care - that provides objective pain data versus the current standard of subjective data. AccendoWave has three solutions: Digital Opioid Alternative - Hospitals are required by their regulator The Joint Commission (TJC) to provide a Non Pharma Pain Treatment Modality. This requirement is due to the Opioid Crisis. There are other evidence based non pharma pain modalities, like VR for pain, acupuncture, physical therapy, but these non pharma solutions provide no real-time quantified patient data. Only AccendoWave's digital drug provides real-time patient data: average & maximum level of pain, patient satisfaction and usage time. AccendoWave provides a complementary Non Pharma Pain Intervention Data Report for hospitals prior to their Joint Commission survey to demonstrate compliance with TJC requirement. Remote Pain Monitoring - AccendoWave is uniquely able to quantify individual pain by comparing your brain waves with your perception of pain (AccendoWave provides a number - you may be 1.83 or 2.57). The individual pain data can be used for care pathways to reduce the cost of care. AccendoWave has no competition to date. Largest Global Benchmarked (specialty, gender, age) Real-Time Pain Database - With Nine Objective Benchmarked Pain Databases, AccendoWave is a health equity solution. AccendoWave provides objective data to address maternal and women's health initiatives. The pain databases can be used by biotech/pharma companies to better match drugs to gender response. Currently, 80% of pain research is done on human men and male mice - 70% of chronic pain is women. AccendoWave has no competition to date.


Digital Opioid Alternative (N=@1,000 Hospital Patients): 90% enjoyed using AccendoWave 81% said it made them feel more comfortable 77% said it understood their discomfort Samsung AccendoWave Hospital Case Study: https://insights.samsung.com/2016/05/25/southern-hills-sees-patient-pain-management-improve-with-accendowave-and-samsung-tablets/ Remote Pain Monitoring Technology: AVIA Health (Innovation Platform Used by 50+ Health Care Systems) Top 50 Remote Monitoring Companies. https://connect.aviahealth.com/content?utm_source=Company+PR&utm_medium=Company+PR&utm_campaign=RPM+Report&utm_id=Company+Co-Promotion Largest Global Real-Time Benchmarked Pain Database (N= 78,000+ Hospital Patients). AVIA Health (Innovation Platform used by 50+ Health Care Systems). https://connect.aviahealth.com/content/q-and-a-accendowave?utm_source=LinkedIn&utm_medium=LinkedIn&utm_campaign=Accendowave

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