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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Healthcare organizations today lack a 360-degree view of an individual’s health data and are unable to automate real-time communications of next-best actions that can improve clinical and financial outcomes. This health data lives in myriad sources and requires consent of use, even when they have interoperability with related provider organizations (i.e., Epic Everywhere) and without that full-circle view, organizations are heavily dependent on costly phone-based and in-person human-led outreach. Organizations also struggle to compete against encroaching retail-industry giants that are experienced in delivering the digital, personalized convenience consumers have come to expect. To attract healthcare consumers, keep them in their health system or plan, enhance loyalty and optimize outcomes, organizations must effectively make healthcare simpler. The b.well platform empowers organizations to digitally transform overly complex, fragmented healthcare into a simple, on-demand experience that elevates their brand and puts consumers at the center— earning their loyalty and business. The platform’s open secure data model enables organizations to integrate traditionally siloed systems into a single intuitive pane of glass, partner more quickly with emerging health app vendors, adapt to changing regulatory requirements, manage new risk-based business models, and navigate consumers to care in-person, virtually, or digitally.

Tech Differentiators

b.well is unique in healthcare in providing an open secure data model that exposes information from virtually any source in a meaningful way for consumers through an intuitive front end experience.. That combination provides more scalability and power and speed to drive next-best actions and deliver consumer loyalty leading to improved revenue. Moreover, while our competitors sell off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions to a problem, b.well is a true platform that allows for configurability and can evolve with customers over time based on their priorities and bottom-line concerns. For example, for a major East Coast health system whose call centers were being overwhelmed by consumer demand for COVID vaccines, b.well deployed a vaccine scheduling solution in three weeks’ time that has automated the triage and navigation of over 1 million patients without impacting the clients’ call centers or website. b.well’s leadership in consumer-led interoperability is well established. b.well was one of the first third-party app developers to be white-listed to connect to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Blue Button API and the Veteran Administration’s Lighthouse API, and is a member of the Commonwell Alliance. It is one of the few organizations to have successfully connected with leading EHR vendors through ONC patient access APIs, proprietary APIs and SDKs, thereby becoming exquisitely familiar with technical, policy and operational considerations. No wonder then, that former White House CTO Aneesh Chopra recently nominated b.well CEO Kristen Valdes as a member of the prestigious federal General Accounting Administration’s Health Information Technology Advisory Committee (HITAC).


We have completed studies in the following areas: Savings from Automation: · Front office: $960,000 via digital pre-visit forms and check-in (88% of all patients) · Call center: $975,000 from digital end-to-end appointment bookings (278,850 bookings) · $5.6 million revenue in 12 months from net new patient appointments (+53% net new appointments and +40% net new patients booked digitally) Clinical outcomes at three representative clients: ThedaCare Health -- largest healthcare provider in NE Wisconsin with 600,000 members and 7,000 employees: - In the first year of its availability, ThedaCare’s white-label version of b.well, called Ripple, generated significant adoption and engagement. 83% of Ripple users who are designated as “high risk” due to their condition and 70% of ThedaCare’s ACO population is now using Ripple, with an engagement rate ranging from 74% to 95%. Among Ripple users, improvements in population health include: · 45% increase in telehealth utilization · 20% increase in breast cancer screenings · 15% increase in closure of dyslipidemia care gaps · 8% increase in compliance with diabetes management - L&F Distributors, 1,200+ employees: · Increased enrollment in benefits program for chronic diseases driving up to a 78% increase in control of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hyperlipidemia · 98% of employees with chronic diseases now participate in the benefit program - Virginia Eagle, 300+ employees: · Preventive screenings for breast cancer and prostate cancer increased by 36% over two years · 31% increase in employees completing an annual physical

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