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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

20+ Million children in the US suffer from chronic conditions ranging from Autism, Asthma, Heart Disease to Diabetes. However, care coordination today is supremely difficult due to the disjointed nature of healthcare delivery. Families have limited access to care support systems and providers struggle to devote resources for ongoing pediatric care management. As a consequence, long wait times, low treatment adherence and recurring hospital admissions are the norm today. Moreover, during Covid, most pediatric patients are struggling to get appropriate urgent/primary care access. Kiddo delivers a solution for this via a care coordination and RPM platform for managing chronic conditions in pediatrics. Kiddo helps to reduce the overall cost of healthcare delivery for pediatric patients by enabling patients to navigate the care system better, ensuring that lower cost options (e.g. Telemedicine) are utilized first and value based care can be delivered more efficiently by providers.

Tech Differentiators

Kiddo is the only platform with the ability to work with the entire healthcare ecosystem (parent, child, insurance company, health care clinic and schools) to deliver the best health outcomes for a child. Kiddo enables at-home monitoring through actionable insights around key vitals (heart rate, temperature, SPO2, perspiration and motion), health conditions (e.g., cardiac, asthma, stress) and activity/sleep for children. The platform is HIPAA compliant and able to integrate with existing EHRs and telehealth services using standards such as HL7 and FHIR. With the Kiddo, parents can proactively understand what is happening with their children and what to do in the event of an illness. Kiddo guides families to the appropriate clinical care setting - not just providing where a patient should go, but also when. The result is a care coordination and remote monitoring tool that can reduce risk of hospital bounce backs, optimize health resource utilization, and promote compliance with treatment plans for pediatrics. At the same time, Kiddo allows providers to leverage technology for communication on treatment plans, virtual care provision and better support of patient adherence. As Kiddo is distributed through providers, care protocols and treatment plans can be incorporated directly into insights and alerts in the Kiddo app. The Kiddo experience thus helps caregivers and patients remain compliant and ahead of their medical concerns, reducing overall cost of care. Early intervention and proactive health management at home also reduces the emotional and physical impacts of illness on children.


Kiddo has been exclusively built, tested, validated, and deployed for pediatrics. We have conducted clinical trials for our system with UC Davis and St Jude Children’s comprising a cohort of over 100 children and 500+ hours of data each. These trials have included rigorous protocols for validation of Kiddo algorithms and predictive outcomes. Moreover, Kiddo is actively working with several health systems such as Children’s Hospital Orange County, Children’s Mercy Kansas, UMass, Cleveland Clinic and UVA on pilots and research studies to prove out the efficacy of Kiddo in providing health support for pediatric chronic conditions across Autism, Asthma, Diabetes and CHD. We are able to provide more in depth data on our validation work on a case by case basis.

Why Us