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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a severe psychiatric condition requiring specialized treatment: Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP). Lifetime prevalence of OCD is approximately 2.3%, affecting nearly 1 in 40 people (~8M Americans). OCD is debilitating; those suffering are 10X more likely to commit suicide, it is ranked by the WHO as 10th leading casue of disablity, and approximatly 1 in 4 people with OCD develop substance abuse. Despite the prevalence, OCD is widely misunderstood & misdiagnosed. This, combined with a lack of mental health resources, causes a 14-17 year patient journey to find appropriate care. Limited access to proper care at the appropriate time creates a burden on the healthcare system. Per 1M commercially insured, OCD generates $104M+ annually in behavioral health costs; of which, 96% is associated with inappropriate care. NOCD revolutionized OCD treatment & the patient experience. NOCD’s telehealth platform enables patients to schedule live face-to-face therapy sessions with licensed clinical therapists specializing in ERP therapy. In between visits NOCD’s patient tools empower them to better manage their OCD and practice therapeutic techniques. We’ve built the leading online OCD community with 100K+ community engagements a month. Patients no longer have to feel alone as we reduce social stigma surrounding OCD. Reducing this stigma & identifying people in need allows us to enroll patients into the largest telehealth network of OCD-specialized therapists in the world. As a result, we’ve grown from 100s of patient visits a month to over 12K visits a month; and we’re a covered benefit for 1 and 3 Americans.

Tech Differentiators

NOCD is the leading comprehensive telehealth solution uniquely focused on the identification, education and treatment of OCD. Prior to NOCD, people suffering with OCD could only access traditional treatment modalities from a limited set of therapists that are often not covered by insurance. The traditional approach to OCD treatment is to largely ignore it, which allows millions of people with the condition to suffer in silence. Providing a Comprehensive & Evidence-Based Solution. NOCD uniquely combines elements of community, treatment, self-empowerment tools and technology to deliver a superior patient experience to end the needless suffering caused by OCD worldwide. NOCD is built from the consumer backwards. From a patient’s first call to scheduling all appointments, our process is designed to be a frictionless experience for the consumer. NOCD’s evidence-based care doesn’t just stop at the visit, we continuously stay with our patients throughout their care experience. Our goal is to return patients to their communities and avoid the current revolving door of inappropriate & potentially harmful care. Reducing Therapist Scarcity & Patient Costs. Before NOCD, finding an in-network therapist specifically trained in ERP therapy was challenging. Out-of-network ERP therapists are unaffordable (average per appointment fee being $250-$350)*. Most therapists have a 120+ day or greater waitlist. With 200+ therapists, NOCD has created the largest nationwide network of ERP therapists. NOCD patients typically have their first appointment within 7 days. Additionally, self-pay rates are significantly lower than market rates. We further lowered the economic barrier for many by accepting commercial insurance. *https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2016/10/exposure-response-prevention-for-ocd/505538/


1) 2022 Outcomes study: A peer-reviewed study validated by the Journal of Medical Internet Research, examined the treatment outcomes of virtual ERP therapy for OCD. Duration: 1.5 years Cohort: 3500+ NOCD Therapy members Average treatment time: <12 weeks & subsequent follow-up assessments conducted at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Members experienced average decrease in OCD symptoms, resulting in dramatic improvements in depression, anxiety, stress, and overall quality of life. Results were achieved in under half the therapy time needed for traditional ERP therapy in an outpatient setting, resulting in substantial monetary and time savings. The significant improvements achieved with this treatment, combined with overcoming geographical barriers, suggests that virtual ERP therapy for many people with OCD may be more effectively delivered in a face-to-face virtual setting than an in-person one. The implications of this is that virtual-first therapy may shift from the “alternative” to the “standard.” This study suggests NOCD Therapy can result in significant improvements after 11 hours of therapy - less than half the time on average, than standard therapy. 2) SBA Analysis: National study of 1,000,000 commercially insured patients found OCD as a primary diagnosis is dramatically under-represented in healthcare claims. The research shows this under-representation leads to inappropriate care that promotes healthcare system over-utilization and, ultimately, extends the suffering of behavioral health patients. 3) Columbia University studied the effects of integrating ERP therapy with a Mobile App to treat OCD. The results found a majority of the study participants had positive outcomes with the integrated delivery model.

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