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Problem Tech Solves

Tech Brief

Fertility and family-forming care is a fundamental part of healthcare but not a one-size-fits-all experience. Some people know they want to grow their family but aren't sure where to start. Others have begun the process but have encountered challenges and need guidance on what step to take next. Additionally, someone may not be ready to grow their family at this time but would like to explore their options for the future. The experience is unique for everyone, but with so much information out there, it can be challenging to understand what's best for someone and their personal needs. Carrot is making it easier for members to understand what to do each step of the way and conveniently access the specific resources they needed to move forward in their fertility and family-forming journeys. With Carrot Plans, there are 200,000+ possible combinations of options, each tailored to an individual member's specific needs, goals, and health concerns. Carrot's experts consider factors like medical history, age, sex, gender identity, and location to develop each unique plan. Depending on someone’s path and profile, their plan might include educational resources, tips on finding local clinics, guidance on experts to talk to, information on how to access medication through Carrot Rx, and more. After a Carrot member receives their plan, experts are available to offer unlimited one-on-one support throughout their journey.

Tech Differentiators

Carrot's approach to coverage is unique in that it enables employers to access fertility benefits globally with greater flexibility, transparency, and more predictable cost controls — while avoiding millions of dollars in unnecessary medical claims. Carrot’s team of medical experts ensures that all Carrot members receive the most recent, evidence-based, and high-quality education and care navigation to empower individuals to be better, more informed agents of their own health. Working closely with a Carrot expert can reveal paths a member didn’t initially consider. For example, instead of starting by guiding someone to IVF, a Carrot expert may direct a member to try a less costly and invasive option, such as an ovulation tracker, and provide resources on topics like nutrition and fertility. Helping members understand their options and guiding them toward appropriate care helps improve fertility potential, pregnancy outcomes (reducing C-sections, preterm births, and complex hospitalizations), and lower costs in the long term. Carrot Plans are personalized, inclusive of members’ unique needs and medical history, and flexible if plans change. If a member needs or wants to take a different path, they simply reconnect with a Carrot expert to discuss alternative plans and how to take the next step forward.


Carrot delivers clear and measurable cost savings by making it easy for employers to offer fertility benefits in a way that drives down costs through healthier clinical outcomes, helping companies avoid millions of dollars in unnecessary medical claims. Through upstream interventions, such as ovulation tracking, fertility testing, and nutritional changes, Carrot prevents the over-utilization of costly procedures like IVF. In cases where IVF is the best option, Carrot’s care navigation team directs members toward single embryo transfer (SET) to decrease some of the risks that carrying multiples may bring. Through education, Carrot builds a partnership with members so they understand why SET leads to healthier and more successful pregnancies. For background, research has shown that SET helps reduce the risk of low birth weight by 50+%, NICU admission by 50+%, and hospital length stay by 80+%. At 97%, Carrot’s SET rate is 26% higher than the national average of 77%. Overall, SET and singleton births can save, on average, $120,000 –– and that number quadruples with triplet births. Carrot can also have a positive impact on employers’ talent attraction and retention. 96% of members who use the Carrot benefit said they are more likely to stay at their company because they offer Carrot.

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