Your on demand breast specialist.

Kaitlin Christine

Tech Brief

1. The GRAM. Gabbi is powered by our proprietary risk assessment model, the GRAM. With 82% accuracy, The GRAM uses information a woman knows about herself, claims, and/or EMR data to predict a woman's future risk of breast cancer two years before breast cancer would be found by a mammogram. 2. Our Approach. Gabbi is the first ever consumer facing risk model that is appropriate and highly accurate for women of all ages and all ethnicities.

Problem Tech Solves

26% of women diagnosed with breast cancer under 50 are diagnosed at late stages when the disease is most life threatening. But the 5 year survival rate of an early stage diagnosis is 99%. Early detection begins with knowing your risks and what you need to do to be proactive. If only 5% of women know their risks for breast cancer, women will continue to be diagnosed at late stages. Furthermore, it can take up to 64 weeks for a woman to get a positive diagnosis. Gabbi brings risk assessments to women everywhere as the first ever consumer facing risk model. Provides personalized care plans for each user and decreases the time to a diagnosis by mitigating the referral process to get women to a diagnosis in less than 7 days.


-In 2021 we trained, tested, and validated our risk model with a national payer. We proved our ability to predict risk with 82% accuracy in a claims database of 30M. Ultimately this would have saved $250K per female member per year. -We are currently working with the same national payer to improve our accuracy in a larger database of 60M lives.