Bringing hearing health to every employee

Danny Aronson

Tech Brief

We have several, as we are disrupting an ossified market. They are: -Tuned is holistic (we do not just offer hearing aids for hearing loss. We offer preventative care, tinnitus management, pediatric care, treatment for vestibular issues, treatment for auditory processing disorder, treatment for neurodiverse hearing issues, and many other conditions) -Tuned is accessible (nationwide network, 1700-clinic footprint, remote device fitting capability) -Tuned is Affordable (average product price of $350, vs. $4000 for hearing aids) -Tuned is Convenient (intuitive UI/UX, tests and appointments work anywhere there is an internet connection) -Tuned is Comprehensive (we are the only solution offering standard headsets/earbuds, hearing aids from every manufacturer, all available tinnitus solutions, and more. Everyone else in the market offers only their proprietary technology or just one brand of technology)

Problem Tech Solves

Started by a veteran with hearing issues, the goal is to ensure every employee has access to hearing health care, including the same preventative care used by Billboard-charging entertainers. With millions of companies now going remote, and employees using headsets on video calls for hours every day, the time is now to move from legacy hearing aids into the future of proactive and precision hearing health care. Today, not one commercial plan covers preventative screenings, tinnitus treatment, auditory processing disorder treatment, or the myriad other conditions beyond severe hearing loss. We are changing that by opening access to employers directly, and via TPAs.


Johns Hopkins published that every employee with undiagnosed hearing issues costs the employer an extra $2200 in healthcare each year. We are working to independently validate this. We have run studies with smaller employer groups (50 covered lives) and found that 19% of the entire population had undiagnosed hearing issues. Further, in these cohorts, total treatment costs were 4x less than traditional treatment options ($5400 compared to $24000). I am happy to share additional, non-PHI, de-identified information as necessary.