Rest. Recover. Reconnect.

Tech Brief

We are human-centric in our approach to product development. We are finding the perfect balance of comfort and efficacy. This has enabled us to bootstrap to 130,000 units sold. We are filling a gap and the market is responding.

Problem Tech Solves

We have a market with very low compliance and uncomfortable solutions. Current products in the market are unproven or uncomfortable such as a mouth guard. Nora's superior efficacy is proven through independent sleep studies. 90% of users prefer Nora over other devices.


Published in The Sleep Journal in 2021. - 527 Nights of Data, 58 Participants and 6 Scientists. - 30% improvement in objectively measured quality of sleep for both snorer and the partner. - 78% of snorers say Smart Nora is better than other solutions they used in the past. - 72% of snorers recommend Smart Nora to their close friends & family. - 90% of snorers and partners reported it is easy to include Smart Nora into their nightly routine.