Reimagining clinical applications at the point-of-care using no-code and technology that improves the way information is created, updated and deployed at the bedside.

Yair Saperstein, MD MPH

Tech Brief

Our differentiators are (i) automated usability in the workflow (our builder ensures that clinician authors ALWAYS make usable modules), (ii) easy, local customization of content (also enabled by the Builder), broad content diversity (AvoMD is being used for guidelines, pathways, AI predictions, billing support, lab interpretations, and more), (iii) ability to offer high quality uses cases for free to providers (via partnerships with AHA and AAFP, and (iv) creation of new revenue opportunities for our provider partners (hospitals can monetize their IP/modules on our platform, in addition to using within their four walls).

Problem Tech Solves

AvoMD is solving medicine’s “knowledge challenge” – while researchers have made great strides in developing new therapeutics, clinicians struggle to keep up with the exponential growth of medical information and overall inaccessibility of medical information. Clinical guidelines are delivered via 100+ page static PDF documents, while alerts through the EHR have been shown to be ineffective (up to 98% are ignored) and a contributor to burnout. Additionally, this knowledge challenge has consequently led to billions of dollars of wasted healthcare spend, and tragically, medical errors.


In randomized control trials, usability studies, and customer implementations, the software has been shown to improve outcomes, reduce costs, save clinicians time, and improve diagnostic accuracy. In a 2022 implementation at the VA, usage of our software showed improved admission delays and time to admit decisions in the ED, which was associated with $700K in annual savings (n=55 cases) Next, a non-blinded, simulated RCT independently conducted by Samsung Medical Center in 2021 showed that AvoMD improved diagnostic accuracy by 20% while saving 45% of their time vs. users of UpToDate and MDCalc (n=32 participants) In a 2020 usability study conducted by Columbia, 92% of users reported that AvoMD was the only tool needed for preop cardiac evaluations (n=24). Additionally, at a customer deployment, a pre/post data comparison showed that AvoMD improved guideline utilization by over 10x. Customer testimonials include: "AvoMD is undoubtedly the future of point-of-care decision-making technology.” - UT-Austin / Dell Medical, Hospitalist, Chair of Therapeutics and Informatics Committee “I recently gave a lecture on sharable CDS to our fellows at CHOP and mentioned your system as an exemplar of build/implementation….of all the systems I have used to build CDS yours is the most user friendly user interface I have worked with.” - Children's Hospital of Penn (CHOP), Informatics Lead “AvoMD brings effortless access to best practices, optimizing efficiency and promoting consistent care delivery. The app allows clinicians to operate in the space and time we need: on-the-go…AvoMD elevates care exactly where it’s needed: at the patient bedside.” - Children’s Minnesota, Med-Surg Director