Changing the game in mental health treatment.

Tech Brief

Wise Therapeutics is changing the game in mental health treatment. Leveraging a decade’s worth of clinical research and development, Wise is on a mission to treat pervasive behavioral health challenges through game-based prescription digital therapeutics. Our unique approach combines the clinically-validated cognitive training technique Attention Bias Modification (ABM) with a fun, casual mobile game format. Our ABM-based approach has been shown comparable in efficacy to digital CBT in several randomized controlled trials, and we are pursuing a robust evidence generation strategy in order to pursue FDA clearances for our pipeline of game-based prescription treatments targeting therapeutics areas ranging from anxiety to depression to addiction.

Problem Tech Solves

Untreated stress and anxiety costs the US $300 Billion per year, and 50% of individuals in their lifetime will be diagnosed with a mental illness, with a 3X increase in prevalence since the COVID crisis began. This exacerbates the need for accessible, scalable mental health treatment options. Today, many approaches for mental health only digitize traditionally in-person treatments like CBT, or offer mindfulness and meditation techniques to many who are not ready or willing to engage with those solutions. They require a lot of time, conscious involvement, and vulnerability from the user, leading to heightened stigma and lower engagement over time. People need lower barrier, lower stigma approaches to start them on the path to improving their mental health.


In addition to ongoing validation studies for pipeline products targeting Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder, our underlying mechanism of action has been validated through 7 NIH-funded RCTs. Our first commercial product, Personal Zen, has been deployed in real world provider settings, resulting in a clinically meaningful impact on patient-reported and biometric outcomes related to anxiety and distress. Personal Zen’s brief and casual game-based approach has resulted in 74-85% 30 day adherence to prescribed treatment regimens. Wise’s extensive clinical research has been published in prestigious research journals such as Biological Psychology, Behaviour Research and Therapy, Clinical Psychological Science, and Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research.