The Sexual Wellness Solutions We All Deserve

Lyndsey Harper, MD

Tech Brief

Rosy is the only platform that approaches women's sexual health in a holistic way and understands the many facets of life that affect sexual health. Now recommended by more than 4,300 healthcare providers across the country, and the only app found appropriate for recommendation by physicians in a recent study from Cedars Sinai, Rosy features experts in sexual medicine, sex therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, and sex coaching. Rosy is the go-to platform for women and their healthcare providers bridging the gap between what clinicians are able to do in the office and what women need to support their sexual health needs. In 2022, Rosy won the Webby Award for Best Visual Design - Aesthetic in the Apps and Software Category.

Problem Tech Solves

Unlike men, the 43% of women who suffer with a sexual problem are faced with lack of resources about these private and extremely important issues. Rosy erases the shame and isolation that these women experience and fills that silence with evidence-based interventions and a supportive community in a private and convenient way. Using technology to bridge these gaps in care is the solution that these women and their providers have been searching for, and are now able to find. Rosy’s solutions revolutionize the way women and their providers think about, talk about, and treat women’s sexual problems.


In a study of 606 Rosy users presented at the 2020 International Society of Women’s Sexual Health Annual Scientific Meeting and later published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, participants experienced a statisically significant improvement in desire, orgasm, lubrication, and arousal. Additionally, the more these participants used Rosy, the more benefit they experienced. In a study of 2124 Rosy users presented at the 2021 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Meeting, participants who qualified for a diagnosis of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder reported a statistically significant improvement in sexual desire scores after use of Rosy. In an independent study from Cedars Sinai presented at the American Urogynecologic Society Annual Meeting in 2021, a panel of physician experts reviewed the sexual health apps in the app store for quality of content, scientific basis of provided information, interactivity, usability and whether they would approve to be recommended to patients by experts in the field. After this thorough review, they recommended only one app and that app was Rosy. In a white paper written in 2021, physicians reported that the ability to recommend Rosy to their patients saved them an average of 16 hours of unbillable time in the office per month.