Achieve More with AI-Powered Virtual Care Experiences.™

Tech Brief

When a person is sick it can be difficult to know the right level of care needed. ThinkAndor® removes that guesswork with virtual triage capabilities that leverage an AI-powered, virtual assistant to route patients to the appropriate level of care optimizing hospital capacity. Institutions implementing ThinkAndor® for virtual triage have seen over 55% of patients effectively routed to their PCP or on-demand virtual visit rather than an unnecessary ED visit – increasing ED capacity two-fold and decreasing ED wait times by 18-minutes utilizing existing staff. Without virtual triage, 66% of patients would have gone directly to the ED for evaluation. Extending virtual triage across the continuum enhances the hybrid approach to virtual health where virtual capabilities help scale clinical staff and resources. Extending the virtual triage into ED enhances virtual health capabilities helping to scale resources. Providers can virtually triage and monitor patients in the ED, during a hospital stay, or even at home to more efficiently manage patient volumes. Health systems with ThinkAndor have better managed system capacity and improved the acuity mix – increasing patient satisfaction by 23% and decreasing “left without being seen” rates by 36%.

Problem Tech Solves

ThinkAndor®, a virtual care collaboration platform, empowers these health systems to optimize virtual first and hybrid care strategies to meet the demands of a consumer-driven care model while managing the resource shortages that have overburdened emergency departments (ED). ThinkAndor® capabilities configure virtual experiences at every touch point consistent with how patients naturally interact with care teams, allowing patients and families easy access to care without increasing the burden on the hospital. ThinkAndor® allows health systems to improve and enhance virtual care experiences across the care continuum for clinicians and patients including clinical and non-clinical experiences. By harnessing machine and human intelligence, our cloud-based platform unlocks data stored in electronic medical records to deliver real-time actionable intelligence to care teams inside and outside their enterprise. ThinkAndor® optimizes communication workflows accelerating time to treatment, decreasing clinician burnout, and driving better patient outcomes.


In April 2021, during the peak of the third COVID-19 wave, a pediatric instruction integrated ThinkAndor® with their electronic medical record to provide a 24/7 virtual health1 including virtual triage using Schmitt-Thompson triage protocol. In just three months this health system experienced 2,875 unique encounters that resulted in •44% of patients being sent to the local ED •28% being referred to their PCP •27% being routed to a virtual visit •55% reduction in unnecessary ED visits •85% of patients felt care was the same or better than they would have received in-person 1Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine (2021) 23:857