A better cancer care experience for all.

Tech Brief

Jasper Health’s distinction is focused on our unique-in-market, multi-faceted model. Jasper Health supports the member with a hybrid digital application, remote monitoring, and remote coaching. The digital model provides a member-driven personalized resource for members to engage as needed to utilize our smart scheduling, medication tracking, PRO reporting/tracking, interactive to-do lists (that anyone in the care team can access), and content library with human-led support. Remote monitoring and coaching put clinically-trained and dedicated coaches in touch with the member - helping with personalized patient needs. This could be tracking symptoms, moods, side effects, medication specifics, wearables data, and member custom attributes via our data-driven dashboard called Jasper Care+ and directly in coaching sessions. Jasper Care+ is also available to clinical teams, hospital systems, and clinicians who desire to easily track and monitor their members with a full picture of data. Our members are reminded to engage, take medications, track symptoms, and more via the Jasper Nudge Engine. Our data insights and smart algorithms from PROs help predict the next best steps in care while simultaneously creating learning methods for other members and populations. Jasper Health’s superpower is the complete cycle of care support from the digital interface where members can serve themselves, to data collections/insights, human-led coaching, the Jasper Nudge Engine, and the clinical Jasper Care+ smart dashboard – all driven by an empathetic, patient-centric model.

Problem Tech Solves

Cancer is one of the most devastating health problems in the United States today. Despite novel breakthroughs in treatment options and clinical research, cancer remains the second leading cause of death (1), prematurely taking the lives of over half a million individuals each year. With a new cancer diagnosis every 30 seconds (2) and incidence rates on the rise, how we treat patients must advance to improve patient experiences and outcomes. Jasper Health offers a digital interface and coaching to support patients and their caregivers and the clinical teams that augments the traditional, fee-for-service care with a technology-driven, value-based model with the patient at the center of care. This model is defined by coordination of care with a multidisciplinary approach, breaking through barriers around payors and costs, and is constantly driven by interoperative data, predictive analytics, and patient needs. Many digital solutions today fail to put the patient and clinicians centric to the model and are instead focused on tactical solutions like billing or technical details. Jasper Health provides much-needed data-driven, in-between visit support with a unique-in-market model with the entire cancer journey covered, specific engagement journeys which drive self-perpetuating data algorithms, to constantly improve best practices and simplified clinician triage dashboards for PRO with robust coaching for SDOH support and more. (1)https://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/resources/publications/factsheets/cancer.htm (2)https://training.seer.cancer.gov/disease/war/


Jasper Health is actively collecting data for a third-party ROI analysis. Our literature-supported analysis currently predicts savings from avoiding unnecessary office (nutrition, mental health, primary care) urgent care, and ER visits. For each activated member, per year, we are projecting that each Jasper Health member avoids 1 office in 12 months at $143 Average Office Visit Cost and that every other Jasper Health member will avoid an unnecessary ER visit in 12 months at $1,082 Average ER Visit Cost, bringing avoidable costs ER costs to $541 per each active member. A total savings of $684 per active member, per year, is predicted. With a $20 PAMPY fee, ROI would be at 2.85:1. While this is a positive ROI, we know that on average, cancer patients incur a high amount of high-cost claims costs per year, so this savings is a very small fraction and underassessment of the total savings impact. Moreover, Jasper Health lowers stress and anxiety and helps keep members compliant on medications which all have implications on savings in research, but we conservatively do not include these in savings ROI calculations at this time. Further pilot claims-based studies are planned in the near term.