Tech-enabled primary care model for Africa's emerging middle income class

Tech Brief

Ilara Health works with largest number of healthcare centers across Africa. We've spent 3.5 years to build partnerships with over 1500 primary care clinics (PHCs) in mid to low income settings in Kenya, through leasing diagnostics devices, providing affordable and quality medication, providing invoice financing for non diagnostic equipment needed to operate the PHC, digitizing those PHCs with our proprietary digital clinic operating system. We saw an opportunity to invest further in our partner clinics and reverse franchise the best performing clinics, to build a network of “Powered by Ilara Health” clinics across the African continent, through: - Exterior remodeling - Improvements of infrastructure & nondiagnostic equipment - Laboratory upgrade - Next-generation point of care diagnostic tools Information Systems - Pharmacy overhaul - Working capital for high-quality meds & consumables - Support of clinic operations and patient outcomes with Ilara’s OS - Processes - Standardization of operations & services offered to improve care All enabled by the data generated through our proprietary digital health platform. Part of our digital health platform is the Ilara Health micro lab, which includes a laboratory management system, an integration hub, connecting various diagnostics devices, including hematology, biochemistry, immunology. Our fully integrated, tech-powered, micro lab is capable of testing 100+ parameters with only 3 devices, covering nine of ten most common lab tests. The micro lab is made of compact devices that can be confined to small spaces, intuitive to operate & require minimal training, with consumables readily available in all markets. The micro lab is extremely cost efficient (price of the asset, affordability and availability of consumables).

Problem Tech Solves

Existing healthcare systems will be unable to keep Africa’s rapidly growing population healthy: - 500 million people across the continent struggle to access a simple blood test. - Over 55% of the time, clinical guidelines are not followed for common conditions. - There is a $66 billion yearly health financing gap affecting care facilities. - There is less than 1.5% insurance penetration amongst the populations living across Africa. The primary care providers: - have limited diagnostics given financing difficulties. - lack affordable and quality medication, given the supply chain opacity and high cost of medication. - suffer from underinvestment in clinic’s equipment given financing difficulties. - keep manual records maintained on paper.


The 1500 primary care clinics with which Ilara Health has been working over the past 3.5 years see annually over 3M patients and generate over $50M. Ilara Health has generated $4M in leased contract value, with an average LTV of $36k, at a $500 cost to acquire a clinic, and a low default rate of 2%. The results, and our deep understanding of the problems faced by the PHCs and by the market in general, support our strategy of upgrading and consolidating the fragmented primary care space across Africa. There are over 200,000 primary health centers across the continent, providing care to 100M+ patients each month, generating over $10B in yearly revenues and positioned to grow exponentially over the next decade.