Aging is not "less"

Tech Brief

Current evidence based fall prevention programs cost on average $324 per older adult per year and has never reached more than 24K older adults through the National effort from the AAA's and NCOA. That means only 1 in 2,000 older adults are helped for falls, the number one cause of accidental death for older adults in the US. Nymbl is the first scalable Evidence Based program delivered in the home that is personalized at the user level. Nymbl is less than 1/4th the cost of the average evidenced based program and requires no training of trainers and scales immediately to populations. Nymbl also overcomes the geographical health inequity of fall prevention which historically has only been offered in urban areas and does not require high-speed internet like other streaming services. 90% of older adults report that Nymbl was easy to enroll and participate in with 86% NPS currently in market for Nymbl Training. Nymbl is also the only program that is progressed based on user performance without in-person observation. Nymbl is able to empower older adults to improve their balance and leave the high risk category for falls altogether for the first time. More than 48% of older adults demonstrate clinical improvement in national measures of balance all without needing to schedule with a medical provider who would be a 50 fold increase in cost. It would require multiple episodes of home health costing at least $5,000 to replicate these results, or more than $1,200 in outpatient care.

Problem Tech Solves

Falling is the number one anxiety point of aging and mobility is the foundational need for successful aging in place. Nymbl brings evidence based fall prevention and balance improvement to the home with a focus on the physical and cognitive aspects of the balance reflex. Nymbl is the only digital program that is personalized at the user level and progresses based on the cognitive and physical performance of the user, never giving the older adult a challenge that places them at risk of falling during an exercise. Nymbl focuses on functional movements an older adult does during a normal day, making it no more dangerous than participating in life while their balance is improving. Nymbl is also a multimodal fall prevention program with interventions to deal with the multitude of other causes of falls than balance. Nymbl uses a scientifically-validated behavioral cognitive training (BCT) framework that has the ability to initiate older adults to action and engagement in discussing falls with their PCP, getting their vision checked, making environmental modifications, and having their medications reconciled. Nymbl is the only program on the market that intervenes and reports outcomes at the user level while the market measures success by someone simply showing up to a class. Nymbl leverages all of the measurement ability and intelligent design of smart devices and turns balance training into a game older adults enjoy and can easily fit into their daily routine. Nymbl uses a behavioral health approach to fall prevention for the first time.


Update: ACC Actuarial study proves Nymbl reduces Fall related claims by over 30% in the first year alone (a first in fall prevention research) New Zealand- Over 300,000 balance training sessions completed during the pandemic Nymbl is the most successful digital health launch in NZ history to older adults Research study was over subscribed at 400% of expected participation Nymbl has been shown to reduce fall related EMS calls by 35% in Arvada Colorado (Arvada fire protection district analysis compared to a geographical control group). We were recently recognized as a top four program in the world by the peer reviewed journal BMC Geriatrics for our validation, use of best practice behavioral cognitive training and older adult digital design ( Nymbl is the only program in the world validated to improve physiological balance without the cost or intervention of a licensed in-person professional ( Current average NPS for US customers is 86% (ranked as world class) Nymbl's 90 day engagement is in the top 160 of all Android apps and Apple is inquiring about partnering. The most recent user surveys demonstrate: 80% report experience as excellent or good 87% would recommend Nymbl to a friend 45% report a novel positive health behavior after Nymbl education program In program measures: 48% demonstrate Clinical Meaningful Improvement in physical testing 69% are no longer fearful they will lose their balance in the home 30% average improvement in balance 25-35% of high risk older adults no longer test at high risk in post testing