Behavioral Health Science

Tech Brief

TIATROS IS A POWERFUL TOOL FOR THE RE-MEDICALIZATION OF MENTAL HEALTH. Tiatros is a versatile platform that will grow to deliver the best and latest therapies to directly treat diagnosed mental illnesses, to support the mental health of users with chronic diseases and disabilities, and to improve the psychological resilience and performance of diverse, global user populations. TIATROS SOLVES FOR THE GLOBAL DEARTH OF AVAILABLE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES. Tiatros acts as a force multiplier to dramatically increase the availability of effective mental health and addiction care services while reducing their cost. TIATROS CENTERS BEHAVIORAL HEALTH AS THE POINT-OF-ACCESS ACROSS THE HORIZONTAL AXIS OF ALL MEDICAL POINTS-OF-CARE. Tiatros creates groundbreaking opportunities for effective, holistic treatments that integrate scalable, expert-curated, and evidence-based mental health and addiction services into existing primary and specialty care clinical workflows. TIATROS CONNECTS PATIENTS TO OTHERS, ENABLING IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS THAT HELP THEM HEAL. Tiatros encourages individual patients to form healing peer relationships with others who share and understand their experiences. These human connections become the ‘always there’ ecosystem for access to immediate emotional support, informal role models, and the ongoing motivation necessary to make and sustain behavioral change. TIATROS IS WELL-SUITED TO TURN THE CURRENT MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS FROM A TREMENDOUS COST BURDEN INTO NEW SUSTAINABLE STREAMS OF REVENUE FOR PAYERS, PROVIDER SYSTEMS, AND RETAIL HEALTH PLATFORMS. Tiatros supports new revenue models for payers, provider systems and retail health platforms, enabling them to deliver expert-mediated, evidence-based, population-specific behavioral health and wellness programming and services at scale.

Problem Tech Solves

One out of every 4 Americans are now taking prescription psychiatric medications. It is well-documented that psychotherapeutic treatment alone, or psychotherapeutic treatment in combination with psychiatric medications, is far more effective for the treatment of mental health and addiction conditions than psychiatric medications alone. The pandemic has exacerbated an existing critical shortage of available services across the United States. Furthermore, the supply of available mental health and addiction treatment services is skewed geographically, leaving 150 million Americans with no access to effective and affordable mental health and addiction treatment. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) estimates that the United States would need 1.8 million more psychotherapists now to effectively treat mental illness and substance use disorders. Since it is impossible to enlarge the human supply of skilled psychotherapists to meet the current demand for mental health services, technology-enabled solutions, like Tiatros, that act as a force multiplier enabling clinicians to provide effective care for far many more patients are urgently needed. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that treatable mental illness adds one trillion dollars to the total U.S. healthcare budget each year because of the exponential cost effect it has on chronic disease treatment. In addition to providing scalable, effective, and accessible mental health services, Tiatros and similar technology-enabled solutions offer a cost-effective approach that benefits the payer while improving the lives of users and workflows of clinicians.


Tiatros helps mental health professionals allocate their limited time and resources more efficiently and reduce the time and cost of healthcare services generally. We consistently document best-in-class outcomes to real-world users, and then publish our results in peer-reviewed medical and digital health journals. We apply a wide range of validated clinical instruments, engagement metrics, behavioral change measures, and performance measures to assess Tiatros’ engagement with, and impact on, diverse user populations. Translational research psychologists have published Tiatros’ engagement and impact data on Veterans with combat-related PTSD, female Veterans with sexual assault-related trauma, cardiac rehabilitation patients, brain tumor patients, schoolteachers, and global technology workers (each study with hundreds or thousands of research subjects). Tiatros consistently reduces clinical anxiety, depression, and stress, returning most participants to normal or mild levels, and improves their physical health by greatly reducing stress-related somatic symptoms. We have documented dramatic improvements in the context of workplace performance, helping global workforces recover, on average, 18.49 additional days of full employee productivity per year. Our novel community-based approach to mental health, combined with proprietary innovations in the therapeutic experience, as well as the collection and analysis of population health and impact data, is the reason why users engage frequently and more deeply on the Tiatros platform. Notably, while traditional in-person psychotherapy expects only 25% of patients to return for a second session, more than 75% of Tiatros users complete their entire programs. Furthermore, 70+% of these users re-engage with the Tiatros platform by enrolling in additional Tiatros programs.