Digitizing Therapy, Increasing Access, and Enabling Superior Patient Engagement and Outcomes

Tech Brief

Our product has been touted as the best virtual reality product in the market currently by our customers because of its ease of use, and clinically validated therapy modules that focus on achieving functional goals for patients. We are also the only company that can track patients' lower extremities without additional sensors requirements. Also, the only company with a CEU and Certification program, so physical and occupational therapists can go through a training program that will certify them as Certified Virtual Reality Physical Therapists.

Problem Tech Solves

There are only 74 Physical Therapists per 100,000 Americans but the number of people who are turning 65 and older is growing faster than the total U.S population. Physical Therapy has not changed since the 60s, and the therapy is tedious, repetitive, non-scalable, and costly for hospitals and patients. We work primarily with the disabled population, including people who have had a stroke, spinal cord injury , or diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases. We have had incredible outcomes where people previously unable to do normal Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like walking in their own home, or going grocery shopping have been able to recover to a functional level that allows them to be less dependent on care-takers and perform ADLs. We are providing a new therapeutic modality for physical therapists to make their job more efficient, provide a better patient experience and increase outcomes in a shorter amount of along with the data analytics for patient progress tracking and reimbursements. We are impacting hospitals dealing with clinician shortage by increasing efficiency and providing access to therapy for patients both in urban and rural areas.


We have multiple case studies that have shown increases in Range of Motion by more than 50%, an increase in extension and flexion for upper and lower extremities. Increased cardio vascular efficiency and help patients get back to their work and school through our virtual reality program.