Compare prices before you get care.

Tech Brief

Price transparency is the holy grail of the US healthcare system and Turquoise is uniquely democratizing this data. This data sometimes presents in an unwieldy manner (screenshots, xlsx, json, csv, etc), which prevents any meaningful actions by the average patient. Turquoise has turned this data into a cleaned, queryable dataset that is accessible to all healthcare stakeholders, leveling the playing field. In website form, our Clear Rates Data Platform gives patients the power to decide. Now patients can shop for healthcare like they do anything else.

Problem Tech Solves

Turquoise Health is taking advantage of this publicly available data and compiling it in a way that empowers all healthcare stakeholders to understand pricing—something that has never been possible before the transparency regulations. For patients specifically, the Turquoise Health website enables free procedural cost comparisons at different providers in their zip code. Previously, patients would have no inclination of the cost prior to seeing a provider. They were totally unaware of low-cost, high-quality options in their area. Now they can use our free Rate Sense tool to select care based on potential out-of-pocket cost.