Mediktor is the most accurate AI medical assistant for triage and prediagnosis. We direct patients straight to the right level of care at the right time.

Cristian Pascual

Tech Brief

-Mediktor uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to assess symptoms. Its massive medical database, relating symptoms with diseases, contains 849 diseases, 7,824 possible questions, 31,123 relations between questions and diseases, and 21,641 logic relations between questions. -Mediktor is a technology developed by health professionals and based on scientific knowledge extracted from the leading medical sources and supported by multiple clinical trials conducted internationally. -Best performance: Our solutions offer human-like accuracy in symptom assessment with more than 91,3% accuracy according to our Clinical Trials. - Mediktor is available in 15 languages.

Problem Tech Solves

At Mediktor, we use AI to guide patients to the right level of care at the right time, providing both patients and professionals with the right health decision support, overcoming currently acknowledged problems as a lack of efficiency on the Healthcare delivery, and the general saturation of the systems.


Mediktor is constantly doing studies to demonstrate clinical accuracy and economic impact of our tool: DKV Munich RE What were the challenges? • The need to increase the efficiency of DKV’s healthcare delivery. • To lead the Digital Transformation in the Insurance world, by providing insured members with a full Digital interaction channel. What was the solution deployed? • DVK designed ‘Digital Doctor’, as the digital communication backbone with their insured members. • Mediktor provided the symptom checking technology fully integrated within the ‘Digital Doctor’ patient workflow. • Mediktor became the 1st step on that digital healthcare process. What were the benefits? • 2.000+ monthly users in the platform • 90%+ avoidance of remote clinical interaction after symptom checking • 60% avoidance of a physical doctor visit thanks to the platform • 90% customer satisfaction with the end-to-end service size of the cohort: 100000 Columbia Memorial Health Benefits: 20% of qualified leads/ qualified pacientes were directed towards hospitals that use our tool such as Digital Front Door. size of the cohort: 10000