It’s time to end fragmentation in healthcare delivery. Lumeon orchestrates patients and care teams as one to eliminate gaps in care, transform the patient experience and ensure that care teams always work at top-of-license.

Robbie Hughes

Tech Brief

Lumeon makes coordinating care faster, easier, more efficient and effective. How? Lumeon integrates with your real-time data, applies clinical knowledge in real-time and employs intelligent automation to individualize the care of every patient - at scale. Here is what makes Lumeon unique: •Real-time data integration •Real-time, bi-directional integration with EHRs and other data sources ensures the coordination of care is always based on accurate and timely information, while also reducing the burden on clinicians and staff documenting care •Automation delivers scale and efficiency •Care coordination tasks, activities and events are automated, thereby improving operating efficiency and productivity, eliminating variation and enabling workflows to scale across care teams and sites of care with consistency •The best care •Care coordination actions are contextualized and individualized for each patient, ensuring that every patient gets the right care, at the right time – every time. With Lumeon, customers experience measurable impact: o60% increase in care team capacity o20% reduction in cost per case o80% improvement in patient experience o29% reduction in revenue leakage o29% reduction in no-show rates

Problem Tech Solves

Traditional care coordination is broken. It’s labor intensive, expensive, mostly manual, and highly variable across care teams and sites of care. Meanwhile, clinicians and staff are overworked, suffering from burnout, costs are rising, and health systems have a backlog of patients that need care - and they need to recapture lost revenue - all while there is a massive shortage of people to do the work. At the same time, every patient is different, and so the orchestration of their care is not “one size fits all.” Unlike other automation solutions that provide a set of standardized and pre-determined steps that are the same for every patient, Lumeon’s automated care orchestration platform analyzes real-time data and applies clinical intelligence to automatically orchestrate care based on the individual needs of every patient.


Alliance Medical Alliance Medical is the largest independent provider of medical imaging services in Europe, scanning over half a million patients each year in a network of 49 MRI, CT and PET-CT static imaging centers, as well as a fleet of 100 mobile units. Alliance Medical went from fragmented software and variable working practices to an efficient automated network run through a single master platform with Lumeon. Results include: •30% reduction in resourcing costs •98% reduction in report formatting and distribution time •93% reduction in invoice validation period •99% patient satisfaction •Significant new contracts USC Keck Medicine Keck Medicine of USC, had a problem with patient no-shows and late cancellations, making it difficult to optimize availability. Lumeon’s automation platform empowered Keck to digitize care journeys, beginning with appointment reminders and virtual check-in. Sample results include: •29% reduction in no-show rate •Reduced administrative burden for staff •Self-service appointment reminders •Real-time HL7 integration with Cerner •Safer patient arrival with virtual check-in •Future potential to expand capabilities – one platform, many solutions Large, National IDN During the pandemic, a large California integrated delivery network (IDN) needed to resume elective surgery while keeping patients and staff safe and reducing unnecessary cancellations. Lumeon’s virtual care solution for surgery automates and virtualizes a digital care plan for every patient. The results: •60% increase in preoperative team capacity •51% of patients managed using digital touchpoints only •93% of patients completed the digital questionnaire •Only 31% of patients needed face-to-face visits before surgery