Our mission is to prevent blindness with the early detection of eye disease and to build a platform for healthcare data analytics.

Tech Brief

Our team is uniquely positioned to enable eye-care access for everyone. Our main goal was to create a seamless digital health platform built for health professionals that would actually get used. Our team consists of industry experts that have worked in a variety of healthcare modalities and this has shaped how our product has been built and integrated into various environments (at home, in clinic, community clinics, and large hospital systems). We understand doctors and staff are overloaded with a variety of different tasks, and to successfully integrate a new product into their workflow it needs to be simple and easy to use, like the stethoscope. Our turn key solution allows retina screenings to be done in minutes by a high school educated medical assistant and receive a graded report that can be submitted for claims reimbursement in less than 24 hours. Our human in the loop telemedicine platform ensures medical assistants are confident in their ability to service their patient for this exam and has caused our success of image capture to be upwards of 95%.

Problem Tech Solves

About 80 million people in the US general population have vision loss due to disease (diabetes, macular degeneration, etc.). This is caused by the shortage of eye specialists (with about 1 eye specialist to 17,000 Americans), inflexible delivery models, and an irreversible shift towards value based care, critical eye screenings are not happening today. For patient’s with diabetes, who are supposed to get their annual exam, only 40% get them. Early detection of eye disease is critical to avoiding downstream complications and expense, including blindness. We're focused on a $40B opportunity starting with screening diabetic patients and other vision threatening eye diseases. In our next phase, we can screen patients for whole body diseases as well, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Stroke, Blood pressure, etc. The retina is a key predictor of more than just eye diseases and we hope to screen as many patients as possible to reduce how many of them go blind from preventable diseases.


Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy in the Primary Care market represents over a $100 per patient cost savings to the system. https://spect.docsend.com/view/32jg5bkb4ch3p47m