What if you had a coder who could code millions of charts per day at unparalleled accuracy and cost?

Andrew Lockhart

Tech Brief

Fathom has the best: 1. Automation rate - We can autocode 2-4x more encounters than any other technology. 2. Specialty coverage - We have the broadest medical specialty coverage with the ability to code most outpatient specialties, including primary care, emergency medicine, or radiology. 3. Scale - we can get up and running with our highest automation across 100s of sites with 100s of custom coding guidelines in only weeks. When we say we automate 95% of charts, that is across a client's entire business, not cherry picked off of one site. 4. Cost/ROI - Our industry leading automation rates and scalability allow us to offer by far the most competitive pricing and the highest ROI. 5. Time to revenue - Fathom codes charts in 90 minutes, so shave days off your rev cycle and get paid faster. How is Fathom able to do so much? The solution fuses the best of deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate medical coding with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Our platform has been trained on over 400 million coded encounters, and as a result has taught itself to code across a wide array of specialties and documentation formats.

Problem Tech Solves

Coding is a large cost driver, difficult to do due to coding guidelines complexity, slow, and drives reduced reimbursement if done poorly. Fathom addresses all of the pain points of medical coding - Fathom makes coding cheaper, more accurate, immediately accessible, more scalable, and faster.


We have three case studies we can share. Some highlights from our most recent case study is below. Went live across 15 sites in under 2 months Automation rate >85% on day 1 of coding Fathom further boosted automation rate to 95% after only 6 weeks of live coding Third party audit confirmed that the coding accuracy improvement driven by Fathom boosted expected reimbursements by 10% through higher coding acuity.