is an international mobile service and one of the world’s largest communities for pregnant women and their families

Eugene Zhikharev

Problem Tech Solves

AMMA is an international mobile service — one of the world’s largest communities for pregnant women and their families. We are an AI-powered mobile app that guides parents through the full cycle of pregnancy and baby care. Our mission is to provide informational and emotional support for women in all matters of motherhood and family. The COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted the shortage of verified information and affordable healthcare for pregnant women, especially in developing countries. There are several reasons for this problem. Reason 1. Lack of objective and verified information in local languages about pregnancy. It seems that there is a lot of information about pregnancy on the Internet. However, most of this information is not reliable. Most of the sources are intimidating and alarming, re-sharing rewritten SEO-based texts, or written by bloggers and “Instagram specialists”. A tiny segment of professional medical content remains inaccessible for most pregnant women: either this content is behind paywalls, is written in English, or is written in a scientific language that most people cannot understand. Reason 2. Women do not have equal access to healthcare. It all depends on the country and the income of the woman. As our in-depth interviews have shown, in a number of countries, such as Brazil, women with lower incomes during pregnancy do not have access to qualified medical care due to its high cost. In many cities of Russia there are simply no qualified doctors. Women in African countries face both of these challenges at once.

Tech Brief

Through in-depth interviews with users, consultations with doctors and studying hundreds of thousands of reviews from our users, the team has formed a pool of basic questions that women and their families are interested in while preparing for pregnancy. With our medical team, we have carefully reviewed hundreds of studies and medical reviews. We work with more than 20 authors, including doctors, financial consultants, lawyers, fitness trainers and experienced journalists. We connected with the most reliable medical centers (EMC, Atlas, Fertimed) for fact-checking. We hired a staff of professional translators, so our content became available in Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, German, French, Korean, Cantonese. Our content go through 11 stages of processing to eliminate errors and inconsistencies with editorial policy.

Tech Differentiators

Keeping in mind our social mission, offers the result of this work to all pregnant women around the world for free. Every woman can use our mobile app Amma pregnancy tracker without subscription paywall


Our app has rating of 4.7 out of 5 score based on more than 224K reviews in Google Play and AppStore. You can research the reviews here: App Store and Google Play

Why Us

We are one of the fastest growing communities and services for pregnant women in emerging markets. We create a content mobile application for pregnant women and their families based on the highest quality standards and offer it to pregnant women around the world for free.

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