Digital Mental Health Platform with the Human Touch

Mohsen Omrani

Problem Tech Solves

More than 40 Million patients are not receiving any mental healthcare in the US and Canada. And more than %50 of psychiatrists are retiring by 2025. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new wave of awareness to the depth problem, reducing the stigma of receiving mental health services and increasing active help-seeking significantly. And the problem is that even if we could increase the number of care providers, the current reactive approach is inefficient and ineffective since mental health problems are chronic and can’t be solved with episodic approaches. So there is a huge opportunity to introduce the new data-driven continuous solution to the mental health team to manage our population's behavioral health needs effectively at scale.

Tech Brief

We equip care providers with structured disease-specific, digital care plans which include everything from therapeutic content, personnel training, and feedback templates for treating each specific disease. Using our care plans, clinicians can handle each patient with 10-15 minutes instead of 1-1.5 hours of traditional visits. So the care provider assigns predesigned disease-specific modules to their patients. Patients go through the content on their own time. At the end of each session, there is homework that patients submit right on the platform, and clinicians would only provide personalized feedback to the homework and skip repeating generalized points across different patients. As mentioned we also provide session-specific feedback templates and using these templates clinicians can handle each patient with 10-15 minutes as compared to the traditional 1-1.5 hours visits. At the same time, we collect more than 25 different clinical, behavioral, and physiological benchmarks and provide analytical feedback to the clinicians about patients’ progress and provide suggestions for the next step, based on which they could continue the course of therapy or adjust it, like add medications.

Tech Differentiators

First, our focus is on developing effective, clinically valid solutions combined with the right technology to increase the care providers' teams' efficiency and outreach. Second, being a technology company rather than a technology-powered clinic like Ginger allows us to focus our resources on developing advanced integrative solutions. In contrast, the major resources of companies like Ginger are spent on the growing network, marketing, and operational costs of running a clinic. Second, our main focus on developing AI applications is to develop tools to assist clinicians with their triage, delivery of care, and monitoring their patients' progress over time. While the rest of the AI applications developed by the tech-driven minds focus on increasing patient engagement via know approaches in the general consumer market world. Third, being a tech company makes our solution adaptable to the global market and not the US and Canada.


Our therapeutic content has been developed over 12 years of research and clinically validated in 8+ clinical trials. The efficacy of these therapeutic modules have been explored in a range of diseases (e.g. depression, anxiety and personality disorders) and in different age groups (i.e. adults and adolescents). Our clinical trials have shown more than 90% symptom reduction and up to 90% patient compliance and completion rate. Using these therapy modules, clinicians would only spend time on providing asynchronous, personalized feedback to their clients’ homeworks and questions. Our previous researches demonstrate that using this model, clinicians can handle 4 patients in one hour instead of 1 and would result in 70-80% cost savings. The outcomes of these trials have been presented in more than 10 workshops and symposia at the American & Canadian Psychiatrists Associations (i.e. APA & CPA) and published as 4 peer-reviewed articles to date. Our platform has been selected as an upcoming innovative solution by APA (2016 APA Mental Health Innovation Zone finalist, 2018 winner of the alumni competition). Here are the links to a few of our publications: You can learn more about our research with our primary clinical partners here:

Why Us

Our mission is to empower clinicians to deliver high-quality mental healthcare to everyone, everywhere and anytime, by significantly increasing care efficiency, patient engagement, and clinical efficacy through clinically validated solutions and quantitative data integration. The recognition of our achievement by the USCF Health Award accelerate our progress toward this goal.

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