Problem Tech Solves

Earlens is the world's first and only hearing solution to directly vibrate the eardrum. A Processor and Ear Tip send a signal containing high-fidelity audio information to a custom Lens, which gently vibrates the eardrum to activate the hearing system. Thus, Earlens can transmit sound without an acoustic signal in order to deliver a frequency range over 2.5x broader than that of conventional hearing aids. These advantages overcome the limitations of conventional hearing aid technology and thus create the potential to transform the quality of life for patients with hearing loss worldwide.

Tech Brief

All conventional hearing aids pick up sound in the air with a microphone, and amplify it through a speaker, pushing the louder sound into the ear canal, which in turn vibrates the eardrum. As those tiny speakers turn the sound up to higher volumes, the sound becomes distorted or marred by acoustic feedback (whistling). New, more sophisticated sound processing methods are simply an attempt to compensate for the limited audibility and clarity of sound that tiny speakers can deliver. This is why many hearing aid users continue to complain that they can hear, but cannot understand what is being said. Earlens has developed a completely new method of sound transfer. Specifically, the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution uses resonant inductive coupling to transmit sound information without an acoustic signal. The groundbreaking mechanism of sound transfer allows for extraordinary power transfer and high-fidelity audio, resulting in long battery life, excellent audibility, and incredible sound quality. Earlens more than doubles the usable bandwidth of hearing aids, delivering proven audibility from 100 Hz through 10,000 kHz without acoustic feedback or the need to occlude (plug) the ear canal. These advantages offer an exciting solution for people who are dissatisfied with their existing hearing aids, or who have put off treating their hearing loss due to the sound quality associated with traditional hearing technologies. Earlens is also the only nonsurgical hearing solution that integrates care from an Ear, Nose & Throat physician and audiologist to ensure the highest level of hearing health.

Tech Differentiators

Earlens is offered through ENT practices that offer audiology services and who want to offer a comprehensive portfolio of hearing solutions under one roof. The primary target end users include existing hearing aid wearers who are seeking more clarity or better sound quality than they are receiving from their current devices; very discerning listeners, such as music lovers; and anyone who is seeking the best possible sound quality on the market.


Why Us

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