HealthTensor is on a mission to provide world class health care to everyone, everywhere.

Eli Ben-Joseph

Problem Tech Solves

Physicians are overburdened and patient care can slip through the cracks. Every day serious patient conditions are being overlooked and missed. The burden of reviewing clinical data and keeping up with documentation takes time away from actual care. HealthTensor has built tools to automatically review clinical data, recommend diagnoses, identify errors, and ensure patients get the care they need while unburdening providers.

Tech Brief

HealthTensor helps eliminate medical error through our core tech: diagnostic algorithms. An AI-powered medical brain rounds on all patients to ensure diagnoses aren't missed, helps physicians save time in documentation, and improves clinical decision-making. In the past year, HealthTensor has caught more than 150,000 conditions that would have otherwise been missed, enabling better patient care.

Tech Differentiators

No other tools identifies and recommends diagnoses de novo at the point of care. HealthTensor serves up critical information and recommends conditions that are being overlooked to ensure the patient gets the best possible care. By deriving insights from data, we also save providers time in chart review and documentation, enabling them to spend more time on patient care.


In a case study with Torrance Memorial Medical Center, we identified a 15-30% time-savings for users, a 50% reduction in measures of burnout, and an increase in time spent on direct patient care. At 7 hospitals, we've provided $100,000 in value per user on the HealthTensor platform. At each hospital, physicians report HealthTensor catching serious conditions that would otherwise have been overlooked or improperly treated including heart failure, atrial fibrillation, GI bleeds, kidney injury, depression & anxiety, and more. Medical Director at a 350-bed Cerner hospital reports: "Decreased time spent in front of the computer resulting in increased time in direct patient care. Increased productivity allowing increased volume as well as improved ED throughput. Enhanced provider to provider communication to decrease errors during transitions. Ability to better address new diagnoses in real time for improved medical outcomes in medically complex patients." Hospitalists at 250-bed Epic hospital: "Life changing… does chart review in seconds. Now I spend that time on patient care", "Feels like having a high quality medical intern in the EHR", "Cut my note time by a couple of hours at least"

Why Us

After launching in 2020, HealthTensor is live in 7 hospitals, integrated and testing with 20 additional hospitals, and has 70 hospitals in total contracted to use HealthTensor in the coming months. To date, we've caught 150K diagnoses (and counting) that would have otherwise be missed. AI enables better care faster.

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