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Jeffrey Brewer

Problem Tech Solves

With the Bigfoot Unity Diabetes Management Program, we're aiming to fix the broken therapy cycle for treating people with diabetes who rely on multiple daily injection (MDI) insulin therapy. With first-of-its kind technologies and remote-care solutions, the program focuses on unifying the connection between the health care professional (HCP) and the patient to enable continuous, proactive care. There are three primary "breaks' in the cycle: 1) insulin dosing instructions for the patient are written out on paper by the HCP, 2) the patient may not be accessing these instructions as they make dosing decisions at least 4 times a day, and 3) the HCP has limited visibility to patient adherence, relying on written logs that he or she reviews on an infrequent basis. This result of this broken cycle are episodic vs. continuous therapy adjustments made during office visits that make it very difficult for patient and their HCP to realize improved outcomes. From the perspective of the patient with diabetes on MDI insulin therapy, this episodic care and lack of dose decision support means they alone bear the heavy burden of constantly determining their insulin doses, configuring their devices and adhering to a complex therapy. For the patient, diabetes is a very lonely disease which is why the seamless connections and remote care enabled by the Bigfoot Unity Program, acting as their real-time partner, represents such a game changer to current insulin therapy.

Tech Brief

The Bigfoot Unity Diabetes Management Program takes a holistic approach at the entire treatment ecosystem for people with diabetes on MDI insulin therapy to support both health care professionals (HCPs) and patients to be successful. The patient-facing component of the program is the FDA-cleared Bigfoot Unity System with first-of-its-kind smart pen caps and integration with Abbott's FreeStyle Libre 2 iCGM sensor. The system provides the patient with on-demand insulin dose recommendations using current CGM data and based on their HCP's instructions displayed right on the pen-cap screen for ease of use. No guesswork, no delays, no extra devices. For the HCP, the Bigfoot Unity Program provides the tools, support services and access to data for their Bigfoot Unity patients in order to effectively monitor therapy adherence, analyze data and make any needed proactive therapy adjustments. The program also enables HCPs to deliver Remote Physiologic Monitoring for those patients in a scalable, efficient way. It is centered around the Bigfoot Clinic Hub, a secure, cloud-based platform. Data from their Bigfoot Unity patients is passively captured and uploaded to the Clinic Hub. Patient reports with integrated glucose and insulin data enable clinics to track their Bigfoot Unity patients, identify key patterns and easily sort, for example by patients frequently experiencing low or high glucose values. It's this interaction with passively-captured patient data that allows the program to support an integral component of telemedicine -- Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM). Greater RPM adoption for diabetes can lead to more opportunity for continuous, proactive care.

Tech Differentiators

The Bigfoot Unity Diabetes Management Program is a unique ecosystem of devices and services designed to simplify diabetes management for both patients and health care professionals. There are two main points of differentiation. The first is the patient-facing Bigfoot Unity System with first-of-its-kind smart pen caps and integration with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor. It is the first and only solution to translate continuously monitored glucose data into on-demand insulin dose recommendations for the patient based on their HCP's instructions and displayed right on the pen cap screen. The system works with all major U.S. brands of disposable insulin pens. The second point of differentiation is the innovative Clinic Hub with passively captured patient data, on-demand HCP access and integrated, sortable, patient reports.


As we are partnering with clinics to revolutionize how health care professionals manage their patients with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, we have heard positive remarks regarding our products and services. Most recently we heard from Dr. Craig Perlman in Bethpage, NY who said "Bigfoot affords me the ability to provide continuous care for my patients with diabetes. I will now be able to manage their glucose control between appointments and provide a much needed safety net to prevent emergencies."

Why Us

The Bigfoot Unity Program represents a groundbreaking approach to the treatment of diabetes for patients on multiple daily injections of insulin and their health care professionals. By focusing on simplicity, accessibility and connectivity, we aim to enable continuous, proactive care so HCPs and their patients can realize better outcomes.

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