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Abhinav Shashank

Problem Tech Solves

Every picture tells a story. That is especially true when looking at a person through the lens of a healthcare professional. In our fragmented healthcare system, people are traditionally triaged and cataloged by medical condition and/or need. While identifying and understanding the health needs of an individual is obviously crucial in effectively treating a collection of conditions, it is rather limiting when there is only a partial picture of that individual. A complete patient picture is crucial. Simply put, people don’t perceive themselves as a collection of conditions. Health is personal, intertwined with people’s individual perceptions and mindsets, with the environments in which they live and work and the people with whom they interact. Our healthcare system struggles to identify what information should be captured to understand a patient holistically. Without a complete patient picture, gaps in care, gaps in communication, medication use, referrals for additional services, and follow up appointments can fall to the wayside, which in turn can lead to poor clinical outcomes and negative patient experiences. The best care requires a complete patient picture. That’s why Innovaccer is on a mission to organize healthcare information to make it accessible and useful. The Innovaccer Health Cloud unifies patient data across systems and settings and empowers healthcare organizations to rapidly develop scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Innovaccer's solutions have been deployed across more than 1,000 care settings in the U.S., enabling more than 37,000 providers for a transparent, real-time and collaborative care delivery.

Tech Brief

The Innovaccer Health Cloud consists of 3 components: A Data Activation Platform that ingests, aggregates, and normalizes healthcare data across systems and settings, delivering unified patient records and actionable insights that improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes. Flexible and configurable applications with highly customizable persona-based applications with close support from Innovaccer’s customer engineering team. Innovative and flexible developer tools which make it easy to develop healthcare specific applications and solutions. This revolutionary technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and streams rich analytics with custom insights and dashboards, automated workflows, and provides point-of-care alerts and real-time decision support for care teams—all actionable intelligence— without leaving the EHR experience. The information helps care teams better coordinate care across various organizations to manage the health outcomes of a group of individuals, typically referred to as population health. The technology increases efficiency by reducing manual overhead and facilitates more patient-centered care. Right now, our applications are running on ipads, tablets, laptops, and desktops of physicians, RNs, and administrators at more than 1,000 locations. Over 25,000 providers now navigate the healthcare system in ways once never thought possible — effortlessly, efficiently and intelligently. By using the connected care framework, Innovaccer has unified 3.8 million patient records and generated more than $400M in savings.

Tech Differentiators

There are mainly 9 characteristics that differentiate Innovaccer from others: Speed to Value Innovaccer can integrate data within 6-8 weeks. Most vendors take 6-8 months or longer to complete the same efforts. Inherent Value Innovaccer combines data faster and takes a customer-friendly approach by only charging small, recurrent monthly fees with no implementation/setup costs. Customization Innovaccer collaborates closely with each client during the negotiation and implementation phases of each project to customize reports, workflows to best meet each client’s needs. Program-driven Analytics/approach Innovaccer understands that clients require cohort-driven, strategy appropriate, and tactically relevant programs to drive provider and patient compliance. Automation Since Innovaccer takes a unified data model approach, the automation it provides improves the effectiveness and efficiency of both providers and care navigation/management personnel. FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform IDC created a new segment called the Data Platform and only three platforms in the U.S. have the capability to stake a claim in that segment. Innovaccer is one of them recognized as a true healthcare data platform. Partnership Approach Innovaccer believes firmly in a partnership approach in our relationships with our customers. As a result, the company partners with customers who share their vision. Data Quality Management Innovaccer is devoted to ultra-high-quality data in our platform, and their ingestion process features multiple vital quality checks, down to the individual field level. Provider Engagement Their provider engagement philosophy is focused on removing obstacles to patient care from workflows by providing actionable data at the point of care.


Innovaccer takes pride in its 100% customer satisfaction trend. All of the Innovaccer clients have been able to achieve excellent outcomes which is quite evident through their user group conferences, focused group discussions, case studies and customer feedback analysis. For instance, their partnership with MercyOne PHSO enabled the organization to enhance their care management and population health management approach. With Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform, MercyOne PHSO was able to: 31% increase in the annual wellness examination rate 14.26% increase in the primary provider services 6.65% reduction in the ED utilization 7.14% reduction in the 30-day readmission rate 300% increase in the health coach interventions Additionally, Innovaccer also partnered with leading health systems and government organizations such as Physicians of Southwest Washington (PSW) and Government of Goa and Puducherry to help them tackle the COVID-19 crisis and enable their citizens and members to self-assess their vulnerability against the novel-Coronavirus. One of the leading ACOs implemented Innovaccer’s AI-assisted risk-scoring methodology which helped them enhance the accuracy of their risk scoring algorithm 4 times. Furthermore, the addition of SDOH data enhanced this power by 5 times. Innovaccer’s extensive predictive modeling revealed that 2,000 patients required immediate attention as opposed to the 12,000 patients predicted by the CMS-HCC risk-adjusted model. It also disclosed that out of the 2,000 patients, only 1,200 were the ones who had at least once visited their hospital or clinic.

Why Us

It is Innovaccer’s contribution that IDC created a whole new category and has been mentioned in countless reports by Gartner, KLAS and others. In 2020, Deloitte named Innovaccer as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America. These mentions testifies the company’s mission of helping healthcare care as one.

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