Wellframe fixes the two biggest problems with American health insurance: The patient experience, and the rising cost of care.

Jake Sattelmair

Problem Tech Solves

60% of adults in the United States have a chronic disease, and nearly 40% have two or more. These multimorbidities account for 85% of the United States’ $3.8 trillion healthcare expenditures. And yet, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 80% of the variance in health care outcomes is determined by what happens at home - between visits to a healthcare provider. Managing a chronic condition is not only an enormous burden in an individual's daily routine, but extremely costly. Enter Wellframe, created to solve the two biggest issues in American health insurance: the patient experience and the rising cost of care. Patients can use Wellframe to monitor and manage their care needs in between doctor visits. Wellframe can also help them create a schedule for their medication, receive recommendations for diet or exercise, and connect directly with their healthcare professionals to ask questions and get immediate support. Not only does using Wellframe often save patients the time and cost of an in-person visit, it also improves their quality of care because they can track and manage health issues before they become problems. Because Wellframe enables patients to constantly monitor their health, it reduces emergency room utilization by 9% and inpatient admissions by 17%. Utilizing Wellframe saved health plans $1,923 per user over a 3-month test period in 2020.

Tech Brief

Patients log into the Wellframe app from their smartphone or tablet to review personalized, turn by turn directions to manage their health and better navigate the healthcare system. Patients can manage their care checklist (including exercise, medications, etc.), and connect Wellframe to medical devices such as a glucometer, integrate their data with Apple Health, and track other biometrics like weight and blood pressure. Patients’ interactions within the Wellframe app uncover new insights for clinicians and other health insurance staff members. Healthcare professionals use the Wellframe dashboard to review patients’ data and make informed recommendations to patients. Wellframe’s holistic, patient-centered approach to care ensures that folks with chronic conditions have continuous access to meaningful, relationship-driven care and support. People that are truck drivers - and access the Wellframe app via their insurance provider - are a unique use case in offering personalized care. Given the nature of their job, they often experience depression and loneliness. On top of that, they’re constantly moving around and work unconventional hours, so it’s hard to schedule time to go into the doctor’s office. As a result, their mental health needs can often go untreated. This is where Wellframe comes in. Truck drivers (and any patients with access to Wellframe) can connect with a healthcare professional at any time of day, through a call or mobile messaging, or video chat. Even if they’re on the road at 2 a.m., there is someone they can get medical and psychological support from.

Tech Differentiators

Wellframe is unique in its focus on solving a critical aspect of health care (patient support between doctor visits) through engagement with health plans. We have been active in this industry for a decade and have unrivaled data on what actually works to improve patient outcomes. While other health tech companies focus on replacing health plans, Wellframe work directly with them, and have found that this approach leads to the most widespread, dramatic benefits overall. Arming patients with the digital tools to manage their own care between appointments does an immense amount of good. Peer-reviewed research shows that when health plans offer Wellframe’s digital care management solution to their members, it can demonstrably improve health care outcomes — while reducing per-patient costs. Because we don’t take an adversarial of “disruptor” approach to health care, we are uniquely positioned to leverage data from our robust team of physicians, clinicians, health plans, public health experts, data scientists, and healthcare industry experts, to ensure our platform works in service of the person-to-person connections that make healthcare work best.


There’s a misconception that higher-risk populations won’t engage with a digital platform, but our customer data shows that they’re actually the population most receptive to it. Wellframe supports a large population of expecting mothers on Medicaid and offers support throughout their entire pregnancy. Of the Medicaid mothers on Wellframe’s platform, 62% experienced a high-risk pregnancy. More than half of the women used Wellframe throughout the majority of their pregnancy, increasing their access to support to promote better outcomes. Wellframe fixes the American healthcare system by reducing the cost of care for health plans and individual patients. When patients continuously monitor their care, they end up visiting the hospital far less and saving themselves the cost of unnecessary visits. Among its users, Wellframe reduced emergency room utilization by 9% and inpatient admissions by 17%. The app also increased utilization of preventive medicine services by 29%. Reducing unnecessary patient visits allows healthcare professionals and physicians to avoid burnout, and use their time for high value tasks. Peer-reviewed research published in the Journal of Medical Economics found that Wellframe resulted in $1,923 in cost savings per member.

Why Us

Wellframe helps healthcare become everything we expect it to be: changing transactional, episodic care to meaningful connectivity between patients and healthcare professionals. Wellframe’s greatest strength is its partnership with health plans, who have a structural advantage to transform the experiences of 179M people with health insurance in the US.

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