The digital health platform combining pharmacy, telehealth, and diagnostics

Umar Afridi

Problem Tech Solves

Nobody looks at the US healthcare system and applauds its efficient, user-friendly experience. Patients and consumers are left to navigate complicated systems and archaic technologies on their own. And for decades, the status quo persisted—until Truepill stepped in to revolutionize these systems from the backend and build a future where healthcare is more accessible, efficient, and convenient for each patient. Consumers are currently experiencing an era where nearly every industry—retail, transportation, banking—has experienced a digital transformation powered by a core technology platform. Healthcare is now rapidly transforming for the better, and Truepill’s B2B platform is at the forefront. When a consumer goes to a telehealth appointment, gets a prescription delivered to their door, or takes an at-home test (not only for COVID, but for cholesterol, diabetes, gut health, and dozens more), there’s a good chance Truepill provided the underlying technology making that convenient experience a reality.

Tech Brief

Truepill’s revolutionary B2B platform combines telehealth, diagnostics, and pharmacy fulfillment to power consumer-centric experiences for the most prominent healthcare players––including DTC brands (like GoodRx, Folx, and hims & hers), health plans, payers, and PBMs (like Optum Store, UHG and Blue Shield), and pharmaceutical & diagnostics manufacturers (like eMed/Abbott and LifeScan). Built on a foundation of proprietary API technology, Truepill enables seamless integration of products and services including nationwide prescription fulfillment and delivery, a US-based network of licensed telehealth providers, and an at-home lab testing network. These three pillars of healthcare empower companies to innovate their offerings—enabling patients to address almost any health issue from the comfort of their own homes and reserving in-person care for those who need it most.

Tech Differentiators

Digital health is experiencing a gold rush, and the DTC market is heating up—but many of those companies still lack the infrastructure needed to modernize at scale. Truepill’s unique B2B model represents a breakthrough in the industry, providing those disruptive DTC startups and legacy institutions alike with that infrastructure. The Truepill platform represents the picks and shovels making the gold rush possible. Particularly as COVID-19 accelerated the shift to digital healthcare, consumers turned to services like telehealth, at-home testing, and prescription delivery over in-person visits—compelling those companies to modernize extremely quickly. Many looked to Truepill for answers, knowing that its capabilities would allow them to provide consumers with efficient, comfortable transactions with the brands they already knew and trusted.


Through its work with both disruptive D2C brands and more traditional players, Truepill is improving healthcare outcomes for consumers nationwide. For instance, with UnitedHealth Group (UHG), Truepill created a fully integrated at-home colorectal cancer screening program to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes through early detection. With one in three adults over 50 skipping colorectal cancer screenings, the partnership provided consumers a seamless, end-to-end care experience to ensure that those who needed care could get it. By partnering with Health Transformation Alliance (HTA) on a back-to-work testing and treatment platform, Truepill delivered a combination of COVID-19 testing, clinical care, medication delivery, and more. The results included rapid antigen tests for both at-home and worksite use, with results available in under 20 minutes; RT-PCR at-home or worksite sample collection kits, with results available within 48-72 hours; and the capacity to process 100,000 test kits per day. At a time when employers struggled to produce safe, seamless back-to-work experiences for employees, Truepill acted as the architect and contractor, curating the best labs, tests, and partners for each employer’s unique needs. Customer testimonials: “Truepill enables us to scale our operations quickly and efficiently. We are excited to be using Truepill for our fulfillment needs as they build facilities across the country” - Nurx founder Dr. Edvard Engesaeth “Having a technology enabled pharmacy partner like Truepill allows us to focus on our core business. They provide full visibility into the pharmacy operation without us having to build it ourselves” - SimpleHealth CEO Carrie Siu Butt

Why Us

With a unique B2B model, nationwide footprint, and full suite of API-connected remote services, Truepill helps companies to innovate, launch, and scale quickly—meaning that ultimately, consumers receive quality, convenient, digital healthcare experiences through the brands they trust.

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