Delivering Better GI Care with AI Technology

Andrew Ritter

Problem Tech Solves


Tech Brief

The Problem Gastrointestinal diseases can be hard to diagnose, and severity is subjective, leading to inconsistent treatment plans for patients and high costs to payors. UltivisionAI An AI-based computer-aided detection software platform with the potential to empower physicians, healthcare providers, and life sciences companies with data for more reliable and objective detection and diagnosis. Potential to apply to the entire GI tract (upper and lower) for a variety of indications Ability to run several complex deep-learning algorithms in real-time Seamless integration with existing endoscopy systems and monitors Built on 10 years of procedure and curated videos

Tech Differentiators

Our product is the only one that can diagnose the entire GI tract (upper and lower) for a variety of indications, and not just colorectal cancer.


Collaborative study with Eli Lilly and Company. The study, published in leading journal “Gastroenterology,” is the first to demonstrate that a deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) can be trained to automatically predict levels of ulcerative colitis severity using endoscopic videos

Why Us

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