MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposure Tracking protects Mobile Medical (Fire/EMS) professionals by tracking exposure and vaccination data over time.

Jonathon S. Feit, MBA, MA

Problem Tech Solves

MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposures Tracking is a deceptively simple that is extremely fast to deploy. It consists of a web form containing the CDC and WHO data elements, married to a health information exchange that charts patient care over time. The form generates notifications when patients' self-reported symptoms match those associated with COVID-19. The health information exchange ensures that informed follow-up is easy enough to be completed in under two minutes, the better to triage who needs to be tested for COVID-19 versus who is likely suffering from a completely different illness or even allergy. And the system's analytical component includes algorithms and crafted under the auspices of physicians affiliated with UCLA and the USC Keck School of Medicine, which are analogous to a pregnancy test for COVID-19: they indicate who is at high risk and therefore would be wise to get tested right away. We are working with employers who require engagement with our contact tracing / crew exposures tracking platform as a condition of showing up for work. (COVID-19 tracking forms are not optional in these workplaces.) MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposures Tracking has allowed our partner-client agencies to spot potential outbreaks while they could still be contained. For example, the Los Angeles County Fire Department was able to use MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposures Tracking to identify emerging cases at the West Hollywood and East Los Angeles fire stations, one of the first successful examples of the use of our software for predictive analytics.

Tech Brief

In March 2020, Beyond Lucid Technologies introduced the first-of-its-kind “over time” charting system for compiling suspected & confirmed COVID-19 exposure reports covering 6000 personnel across the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. The LA County Fire deployment took JUST FIVE DAYS. Deployments in Texas and Connecticut took just 24 hours (i.e., request received on Friday, and the contact tracing software was deployed on Saturday). There has been a great deal of skepticism about contact tracing-type applications recently. By contrast, MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposures Tracking is working so well that departmental leadership from Fire and EMS agencies in Texas, Arizona, and California have spoken on record about their enthusiasm. One such example: On June 29, we received the following letter from Eric Bank, EMS Chief of the Harris County Emergency Services District Fire Department #48 in Katy, TX: "I am not sure which way is up most days and this is super helpful. The screening system is working great and we have way to many to track any other way." Below is a link to an interview with Terrence J. McGregor, Central Region EMS Program Head/Clinical Director & Health Programs COVID-19 Operations Center Coordinator in the Emergency Medical Services Bureau of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. He discussed the value that his department received from using MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposure Tracking, and its analytic reports to identify high-risk cases since March 2020: < > Case Study - Los Angeles County: Case Study - Harris County, Texas: Trade news coverage:

Tech Differentiators

Beyond Lucid Technologies has historically worked with Emergency Medical Services agencies of all levels (Basic and Advanced Life Support, Fire, Ground and Air Critical Care, and Community Paramedicine / Mobile Integrated Health). Those were the initial customer segments to which we introduced MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposures Tracking, a technology that was initially conceived by-and-for emergency responders themselves. MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposures Tracking has been implemented in some locations as an instantly deployable solution to help organizations justify infection control decisions using data, which may protect them from liability. A wide range of ancillary markets for this technology beyond public health-and-safety have been identified since June 2020, based on the experience of employers ranging from Amazon, to Delta Air Lines, to agriculture in the Midwest. Each of these organizations (and more) have already been subject to scrutiny following claims that they did not do enough to keep employees safe through contact tracing that can be proven to actually work -- and that respects both personnel time and patient privacy). Since the initial deployment of MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Exposure Tracking in March 2020, the application has been incorporated into our "ProjectBRUCE" provider wellness and health offering, and expanded to include non-COVID-19 exposures, vaccinations, and even tracking of post-traumatic stress symptoms after responding to high-stress calls (i.e., "sentinel events" such as incidents involving the death of a child or mass casualty incidents"). The expanded system is already deployed in Los Angeles, and it is being deployed in Vermont and Texas.



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