Andrew Altorfer

Problem Tech Solves

Equitable access to healthcare remains a significant impediment to improving health outcomes. CirrusMD directly addresses this problem, especially for underserved and overlooked populations. Every physician consultation on our telehealth platform starts via text message — the go-to mode of communication for most Americans — and can seamlessly transition from our default text modality to video or audio if the consultation requires. This enables patients to begin an encounter directly with a doctor in less than 60 seconds, even if they do not have a reliable broadband connection or access to a quiet, private environment. This is particularly appealing to patients in rural areas with poor broadband coverage, and to “deskless” and mobile workers in fields like education, heavy industry, transportation and retail. They frequently work in environments that do not easily accommodate private video consultations — for instance, a manufacturing line — and often have an ebb and flow to their workdays that favor a more asynchronous communication approach like text messaging. Because we make our service available exclusively through self-insured companies and health plans, CirrusMD is free or greatly subsidized to employees versus DTC options. Some of our customers provide free CirrusMD access to their part-time and seasonal employees too, even if they are not covered through the company’s insurance plan. Some also make CirrusMD available to covered family members.

Tech Brief

CirrusMD has taken something unnecessarily convoluted, time-consuming, inequitable and daunting — consulting with a physician right now no matter where I am — and made it nearly effortless. To assure immediacy and ease, we use text messaging as the on ramp to our service. Patients quickly log-in to our app or web service, click to connect with a physician and begin a chat within seconds. A discussion can then ensue based on the employee’s availability and preferred cadence — they control the pace and timing. Based on the specifics of the encounter, our doctors can determine whether to continue with text (the majority of consultations do) or transition to another modality. By smoothing the way for a fast, direct, personal consultation with a physician, our service gets used at materially higher rates than traditional telehealth services. That serves the interest of employers who want to reduce employee visits to high-cost emergency rooms and urgent care centers, increase productivity and retention, and engender goodwill.

Tech Differentiators

If “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” so too does a patient’s healthcare journey. Unfortunately, existing telehealth solutions discourage users from taking the first step, often requiring patients to: • Complete lengthy intake forms and billing information • Schedule appointments • Bide their time in virtual waiting rooms • Self-diagnose mental health-related issues • Find a wifi connection and a quiet, private environment By contrast, CirrusMD’s telehealth service is centered around the user, encouraging patients to begin their care journey. Our patient experience is: • Immediate: connect with an MD in less than 60 seconds. • Easy: no appointments, wifi or quiet space required. • Personal: interact directly with a physician; no chat bots. • Familiar: employees use the preferred communications medium they already use throughout the day. The result is immediate gratification. Patients consult with a physician on-demand wherever and whenever they want. And because our providers are paid by the hour and not the number of encounters, consultations are never rushed and can even be spread out across several days if necessary.


Current success story from large national retailer: • Sustained utilization: Nearly 15% of the employee base uses CirrusMD on an ongoing basis. • Satisfaction: 95% of employees who have used CirrusMD report high satisfaction rates, with a Net Promoter Score of 80. • Resolution Rates: 83% of qualified encounters on the CirrusMD platform are resolved without requiring further intervention. • Repeat Usage: Nearly half of employees who try CirrusMD return to use it again. End-user testimonials: “This was the most convenient (and easily in the top five most productive and satisfactory) medical appointments I’ve ever had. Ever. This telehealth service appears to be one of the only good things to come of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many thanks!” “I love this app. I was able to get on the app and talk to a doctor at 3am about a mental health emergency in under a minute” “Thank you! Very easy to use - Fast, Awesome and Convenient. No waiting, making appointments, long lines, driving to an appointment, or taking time when you do not feel well. Doctor was knowledgeable and caring. Thank you so very much for providing this service."

Why Us

CirrusMD has removed the patient-facing complexity from telehealth consultations. The result is an experience that conforms to the wishes and workflow of patients rather than making them conform to the traditional telehealth model. As such, we’ve also removed the excuses and compromises that often deter patients from seeking care.

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