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In order to meet the evolving demands of the thousands of hospitals, providers and health plans who rely on Amwell to deliver care to their patients and who increasingly sought a more streamlined, integrated care experience, Amwell created Converge, its next-generation telehealth platform. The platform provides an even deeper connectivity between healthcare players with unmatched simplicity, reliability, and scalability. Introduced earlier this year it enables all healthcare players to deliver care in a simpler and more streamlined way, leading to a better experience for all. The Converge platform can be fully embedded into clients’ patient/member portals and provider workflows. Providers can launch telehealth directly from their native EHRs, with seamless integration to their payer eligibility and claims systems. Amwell’s products, programs, modules and Carepoint™ devices, as well as applications from leading innovators, will be available in one place with a single code base, further enhancing Amwell’s seamless and unified care experience and strengthening existing patient provider relationships across all types of care. Additionally, the Converge platform’s open architecture is designed to host and operate applications from innovators – further enabling rapid progress towards digitally enabled healthcare. By embracing a diverse group of developers as part of the platform, clients can pick and choose the capabilities that matter most to them. Examples include Google Cloud, Tytocare, The Clinic and Biobeat.

Tech Brief

Amwell has been a trusted name in the industry for nearly 15 years. Founded by doctors, the company values the quality and security of each healthcare interaction and has received accreditation from the NCQA, is HIPAA compliant, HITRUST and CSF certified, DSS compliant, and PCI approved, setting it apart from other platforms that are solely focused on enabling video connections. It is also unique in that it aims to enable and support the trusted brands in healthcare – not replace. No other company offers a single platform that can support all virtual care needs and offer a single experience that is the same whether a doctor is connecting to a patient from inside a hospital or their home. Furthermore, Amwell is unmatched in the breadth and scope of services it is making available on its Converge platform. In addition to the numerous programs, devices and solutions that are proprietary to Amwell, there are also a number of other solutions developed by leading innovators that can be brought onto the platform, so no matter what a client’s virtual care need – Converge can support it. By opening up its platform in this way, Amwell is more squarely executing on its mission and differentiating itself. Additionally, Amwell has its own network of doctors, the Amwell Medical Group (AMG), a physician owned and operated medical practice enabling Amwell to supply its clients with telehealth trained and licensed physicians to help meet patient demand.

Tech Differentiators

Amwell supports the digital care delivery networks of the world’s largest health systems, as well as the leading global health plans and employers. We also work with large retail and technology companies to leverage digital care—for everything from remote patient monitoring to clinical trials. For example, Amwell was the telehealth platform enabling the Apple Heart Study – the largest study ever of its kind, which enrolled over 400,000 participants from all 50 states in a span of only eight months. Amwell also provides direct-to-consumer telehealth via its ‘Amwell’ app. In aggregate, Amwell’s ecosystem represents the largest and most downloaded telehealth platform in the US for iOS and Android combined, according to App Annie (2018). Now with Converge, Amwell is also reaching innovators who are able to add their apps and technologies to the Amwell Converge platform to more quickly reach patients and providers. While there are Amwell’s target customers – it is designed to improve the care experience for its main users – patients and providers. Amwell believes that patients will listen to their doctors, so the more doctors using telehealth, the more patients will follow. Amwell’s own research has shown that when it comes to telehealth, doctors want an easy-to-use experience that integrates with traditional workflows and has therefore designed Converge to be simple, integrated and connected to appeal to this important end user.



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