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Mike McSherry

Problem Tech Solves

Digital health’s fragmentation and inefficiencies around adoption were put on full display once COVID-19 hit and doctors needed to treat patients while keeping them home. Non-urgent care was postponed, including around chronic conditions and mental health concerns. Digital health tools were needed for everything from remote monitoring to patient education. Xealth’s digital health platform has made it easy for health systems to quickly scale virtual visits (idea to go live in four days), remote patient monitoring programs (idea to go live in seven days), send needed daily supplies to patients needing to quarantine and automate patient education. Applied logic and automation significantly reduces implementation and patient enrollment times. As health systems implement digital tools in several areas, the need to streamline and integrate these solutions becomes more critical for success. Physicians grapple with siloed patient information from each source, seeing puzzle pieces instead of a complete picture. With Xealth, clinicians easily prescribe the right digital tools and programs from the EHR workflow, send these digital health orders to the patient’s smartphone, and then provide a feedback loop to the clinicians to monitor and optimize them. Leveraging the doctor-patient trust to drive activation, adherence and outcomes, Xealth helps health systems meaningfully add digital health tools in a way that lets the provider drive care delivery. Xealth supports and scales the digital health programs of major health systems, including Providence, Duke, Atrium Health and UPMC. To date, more than six million programs, videos and remote monitoring devices have been prescribed through Xealth.

Tech Brief

Xealth has created a platform that makes it easy for health systems to quickly stand up virtual visits, remote patient monitoring programs, order needed daily supplies for patients needing to quarantine, and automate patient education using the EHR and existing IT systems. The secure Xealth platform has three critical components that make it stand out from anything else on the market: Clinical interface for distribution & monitoring: Order, deliver, and monitor digital health tools from the EHR, with clinical decision support matching patients to relevant solutions. Integration layer creating a digital vendor ecosystem: Centralized technology that supports organization and deployment of multiple solutions through single integration. Digital command center to analyze & report: Customized reporting of patient and provider engagement and activation. Through Xealth, clinicians find and order the right digital tools and programs for the right patient at the right time, send these digital health orders to the patient’s smartphone or desktop, and then monitor patient engagement, analyzing the effects of the tools on an individual or aggregate basis. The platform shows data around what is helping patients. This helps hospitals incorporate digital health programs in ways that are most meaningful. Xealth is deeply integrated with Epic and Cerner and currently connects dozens of digital health partners, including Amazon, Twistle, Babyscripts, Welldoc, ResMed and SilverCloud. The company also reaches 314 hospitals with nearly 90,000 providers and more than 35 million patient visits.

Tech Differentiators

There have been many market attempts to give patients a consumer experience. Many fail when technology tries to replace the doctor and one off implementations add unnecessary complexity, slowing down roll outs. As healthcare organizations look at tools across specialties and that compliment other programs, it is essential to have an organized approach that brings them together. The doctor-patient relationship is at the center of Xealth’s approach -- leveraging and strengthening the bond by improving collaboration. The true value of Xealth can be seen through the following metrics where it provides: -A better patient experience: 65%+ engagement rates on distributed content and assets -A faster & easier deployment: 50-80% reduction in integration and deployment costs -Saved provider time: 2-3 minutes saved per visit by reducing the number of clicks -Improved financial outcomes: 2-5 times improvement in key measures e.g. reducing readmits and no shows Xealth is the first and only company to integrate digital solutions within the doctor’s current workflow, so time is not lost toggling between systems, and information flows back from the patient into the same place, making this a complete, two-way interaction between doctor and patient. By incorporating channels that are already part of the physician’s and patients' everyday lives, Xealth is making it possible to successfully automate portions of treatment plans and make sure the right patient has the right health asset at the right time and that care teams can remotely monitor the patient or track their progress.


The following use cases describe benefits to patients and health systems: 1) Providence monitors patients suffering from COVID-19 symptoms using Xealth’s digital health platform to deliver Twistle’s care automation and remote patient monitoring tool. Positive or presumptive positive COVID-19 patients are being helped with this solution at home, keeping patients safe and preventing additional stress on hospitals, emergency rooms and front-line care teams. 2) Providence’s Institute for Human Caring: Uses Xealth to automate and set up design criteria for end-of-life care. The success was echoed with the following results: -42,000 emails sent with 65% email engagement -1 in 4 videos watched -10x the advance care directives on file 3) Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin patients are seeing positive results from digital solutions. Froedtert is using Xealth to integrate and scale six digital tools, including for remote monitoring of pregnant patients and managing mental health. Xealth and SilverCloud are helping patients with depression and anxiety – of 4,000 patients recommended SilverCloud through Xealth, 64.7% with moderate symptoms registered; of those with severe depression, 74.8% showed improvement; and of those with severe anxiety, 70% showed improvement. 4) UPMC: 93% of maternity patients are reached through digital pathways. -In two years, Xealth has been used by 400+ providers to make 300,000 digital health prescriptions. -Systemwide, about 25,000 unique patients/month are prescribed content. -Nearly 40% patient engagement rate. -Separately, through an Amazon interface, UPMC has curated a selection of maternity products that can be sent to patients following a visit. Engagement is 47%.

Why Us

Xealth intervenes and enhances the doctor-patient bond instead of circumventing it — extending care teams, not workload. Our team brings information to light not previously available to providers or the healthcare organization extending the clinical time beyond the office and to the fingertips of wherever the patient is located.

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