Revolutionizing FemTech with AI technology

Leon A. Boston

Problem Tech Solves

Over 300,000 women die annually from cervical cancer, the 4th most common cancer in women worldwide. MobileODT, an Israeli based digital health FemTech company, is offering a new paradigm in cervical cancer screening, offering screening at scale, by using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and digital colposcopy. Due to the EVA VIsualCheck AI software, the MobileODT technology allows non-specialists to perform cervical cancer screening, with an accuracy similar to experienced colposcopists. Exam results are received within 60 seconds, directly at point of care. This has a significant impact on patient adherence, while impacting outcomes for millions of women worldwide.

Tech Brief

MobileODT EVA mobile colposcope provides a complete digital solution for magnified cervical visualization, documentation and teleconsultation. The VisualCheck™ Artificial Intelligence application runs on the EVA System as a software add-on offering enhanced cervical cancer screening with a level of accuracy similar to leading colposcopists. The MobileODT VisualCheck AI algorithm has been trained on thousands of cervical images and validated by biopsy results and expert annotations. VisualCheck runs on the EVA Device and offers an immediate analysis of a cervical image, indicating whether it is likely to have signs of cancer or pre-cancer. With the push of one button a clinician can receive an immediate indication of whether cervical dysplasia is likely to be present. The exam is non invasive with no neccessity for lab results.

Tech Differentiators

MobileODT’s EVA System is unique in the world of cervical cancer screening , as it is the only technology that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms that offer an accuracy of a specialist colposcopist. This inherent capability has major benefits for both physicians and patients. Specifically, a non invasive screening test with a result of a higher accuracy than existing screening modalities, received at point of care within 60 seconds. This technology can be used by a multitude of different healthcare providers in different settings around the world. Significantly expanding accessibility. Another very important benefit is it's mobility and ease of use, adding to the versatility of the product.


MobileODT’s EVA System has been used as the backbone for dozens of clinical trials worldwide by leading hospital systems and researchers including MD Anderson, the University of Maryland, Stanford and the US National Cancer Institute. VisualCheck AI, the deep learning-based AI test for cervical cancer screening, is now validated in an extensive study sponsored by a special SBIR grant.

Why Us

MobileODT answers to an unmet need of over 600 million women who do not have access to cervical cancer screening. We developed a highly accurate technology that works in all settings, to make an impact on women's health and support WHO in their effort to eliminate cervical cancer worldwide.

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