Pointr provides location technologies like navigation, asset tracking, geofencing, and location-based analytics to help hospitals improve patient experiences and operations.

Ege Akpinar

Problem Tech Solves

The Covid-19 pandemic has stretched hospitals to breaking point. Ambulances were waiting up to 10 hours to deliver patients to emergency rooms in Hidalgo County, Texas. And by October 2020, intensive care beds were at more than 70 percent capacity in 19 states. Hospitals need to find a solution to reduce patient-flow bottlenecks and discharge delays to cut down the costs generated and increase safe COVID-19 procedures. Pointr provides hospitals a solution to enable location-based services and analytics. These include digital wayfinding and asset tracking, which can be enormously beneficial for safety and efficiency. Pointr's digital maps and wayfinding solution can help hospitals guide their patients, employees, or visitors to their destination via the most accessible and fastest route while maintaining social proximity. Pointr works with UCHealth to implement digital mapping and wayfinding technologies to their app and help their patients find their way across their buildings anxiety-free. At Pointr, we provide hospitals accurate and insightful location analytics with heatmaps, occupancy management, and history route replay to help hospitals control congestion and capacity around the hospital, increase operational efficiency, and implement COVID-safe procedures as needed. Hospitals can use Pointr's asset tracking can be used to expensive equipment and monitor the cleaning process to reduce equipment loss and ensure each room and facility is being properly cleaned after use.

Tech Brief

Pointr smart hospitals solution combines sensor fusion and machine-learning expertise to enables location-based services such as navigation, asset tracking, geofencing and powerful location-based analytics. Pointr's location services can be managed in one dashboard, and our software can be integrated into many healthcare software, enabling highly flexible solutions to suit each hospital's needs. 1/ Digital wayfinding can help hospitals guide patients, employees, or visitors to their destination via the most accessible and fastest route. 2/ Location tracking allows hospitals to track expensive equipment in real-time, help save up to $1.2 million in equipment each year. 3/ Cleaning monitoring allows the operation manager to assign staff to the rooms/ facilities that need cleaning. 4/ Occupancy management and congestion control enable COVID-19 safe procedures by limiting and enforcing restricted areas, trigger notification in accordance with customizable parameters. With Pointr smart hospitals solution, hospitals can connect patients, staff, and their healthcare ecosystem to optimize patient experience and better operations. We work with UCHealth and several other healthcare centers in the States.

Tech Differentiators

Pointr smart hospitals solution is designed to help hospitals improve their patient and visitor experience, level up their operation efficiency, cut costs, and support their team with real-time tracking and location analytics. Pointr's Deep Location® is the most accurate and scalable indoor location service available today, allowing 1-3 m accuracy for digital wayfinding and asset tracking. Our mapping dashboard enables auto CAD file conversion so the building managers can digitize thousands of floors in minutes rather than months. Pointr's Deep Location® technology doesn't rely on fingerprinting techniques, which means it is quick and easy to deploy and requires very little maintenance. Our technology is hardware agnostic, allowing hospitals to leverage their existing hardware, such as existing Bluetooth Beacons or Wi-Fi Access Points from major manufacturers. The technology is available as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that fits within existing mobile apps on iOS and Android. Wayfinding technology is also available for web and kiosk applications. Our technology is also easy to integrate and compatible with MyChart and other hospital software, enabling an end-to-end patient journey.


UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus is the largest academic medical center in the Rocky Mountain region. When it comes to large hospitals, navigating parking lots, public areas, and hallways can be challenging tasks for patients arriving for scheduled appointments, impacting their overall experience. Research shows that in U.S. hospitals, 40% of patients and visitors depend on hospital staff for wayfinding assistance – and in fact, sometimes even the staff themselves. UCHealth chose Pointr to help solve this challenge using its proprietary indoor wayfinding solution. Pointr's Deep Location® technology proved to be the most accurate indoor positioning with the best overall wayfinding experience for UCHealth. Pointr successfully integrated its Deep Location® technology across the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital campus, simplifying navigation, improving patient experience, and reducing anxiety for visitors and patients finding their way to their appointments. "The app not only guides our patients here from their home, but once they arrive at the hospital, they can find their way around inside. The multiple buildings and clinics can often be difficult for our patients and visitors to navigate. This app is like Google Maps for indoors – patients will follow a line with a blue dot navigating them to their desired location. We wanted to offer this innovative tool and continue to make an extraordinary experience possible for our patients," said Manny Rodriguez, Chief Marketing, Experience & Customer Officer for UCHealth. See our press release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201006005689/en/Pointr-Secures-Contract-to-Supply-Digital-Mapping-and-Wayfinding-Technology-for-UCHealth CBS Denver report: https://youtu.be/T1eN_e45ItA

Why Us

Pointr has a strong track record working with hospitals & blue-chip firms. Our customers include UCHealth and DHS. We invest heavily in R&D and work closely with our partners, including Cisco and Extreme Networks, to ensure we stay well-positioned to bring our customers the best indoor location technology.

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