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Problem Tech Solves

Brightside members have the ability to choose one of three plans—Therapy, Medication or a combination of the two. Brightside’s telemedicine platform offers expert and evidence-based treatment, guided by psychiatric providers and licensed therapists who are experts in treating anxiety and depression. Brightside providers use data and research to determine the treatment plan most likely to work for each patient. The platform helps providers and members track progress together, so medication and treatment adjustments can be made, putting the patient in control of their care and eliminating any mystery regarding where they stand. Brightside also provides unlimited messaging and frequent video sessions. When a new member joins the platform, Brightside’s PrecisionRX™ technology evaluates more than 100 unique data points about them and compares it against a vast body of research around antidepressants and clinical care to determine the treatment plan most likely to work for them. While traditional care is driven by guess and check to prescribe antidepressant medication, every Brightside provider uses the PrecisionRX™ recommendation engine and their clinical assessment to make a data-driven determination of the right medication for each individual. This is different from the guess and check model that’s used in traditional care.

Tech Brief

Brightside’s solution is about so much more than video visits and provider messaging. We understand the heterogeneity of depression and anxiety and that delivering outcomes requires using evidence-based, data-driven, responsive care approaches at every step. Our PrecisionRX™ clinical decision support uses machine learning and hundreds of data points about each patient to predict which medication is most likely to work for them. Brightside providers have prescribed over 1,000 different medication/dose combinations and get the medication right on the first prescription over 70% of the time. Our responsive care platform then helps providers monitor each member’s care at every step, proactively triggering provider reviews and interventions whenever they are needed, helping to address issues, and provide support in the moment. Brightside is the only online therapy solution to follow the principles of the Unified Protocol, a refinement of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that’s proven to be highly effective across mental health diagnoses. In addition to live video consults each week, our program delivers interactive psychoeducation and practice planning, followed by daily practice reminders, triggering therapist review, feedback, and support between live sessions.

Tech Differentiators

Brightside treats adults suffering from depression, anxiety, and a range of associated conditions such as OCD, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Postpartum Depression, Social Anxiety, and more. We treat newly emergent cases as well as recurrent and persistent cases. Brightside treats all severity levels but has unique expertise in high complexity, severity, and acuity mental health issues. 75% of Brightside members start with severe or moderately severe depression and 49% start with suicidal ideation. Brightside commonly and successfully treats patients who have had multiple rounds of unsuccessful treatment elsewhere.


Brightside is treating people with complex depression and anxiety challenges – 75% of members start with moderately severe or severe depression and 49% start with suicidal ideation. The average starting PHQ-9 score is 18. Within just the first 12 weeks of treatment, 86% of Brightside members experience a clinically significant improvement and 71% achieve remission levels. Marnie P., a 26 year old Brightside member from New York City, struggled with depression and anxiety for years, but it wasn’t until recently that her symptoms started to appear in unpleasant ways. Marnie says. “I tried to see a therapist once many years ago, and it was a horrible experience. With Brightside, I have not had that experience. I have felt comfortable and safe talking to my therapist about anything and everything. Before Brightside, I was miserable. Everything made me upset, and I couldn’t find enjoyment in any of the things I used to love. Once I started treatment, it took about six or seven weeks to notice changes in myself. During the first three weeks, I experienced side effects from the medication. However, once my body acclimated, I started to feel so much better. My favorite part about Brightside is that it’s entirely up to me how much time and effort I want to dedicate to my mental health. I don’t feel pressure to talk if I don’t want to, and I feel very comfortable talking to my therapist about anything.”

Why Us

While most telemental health solutions accept the status quo and are simply moving traditional care online, Brightside is defining a new standard of mental health care for the telemedicine age. In doing so, we will ensure not only greater access to care, but measurably better outcomes.

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