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Yoona Kim, PharmD, PhD

Problem Tech Solves

There are more than 4.4 billion prescriptions filled in the United States every year. Due to a variety of factors and conditions, many patients do not understand how to take their medications correctly, or are prescribed ineffective or unsafe combinations of medications. Drug-related problems (DRPs), more than half of which are fully preventable, are estimated to cost the US healthcare system upwards of $530 billion annually. These costs are driven by consequential hospitalizations and other negative outcomes resulting from incorrect medication-taking, lack of medication education or incorrect prescribing by providers. The incidence and risk of DRPs is exponentially increased when patients are prescribed four or more medications or when patients are prescribed medications from more than one provider. Over a third of patients never have a discussion with their provider about the medications they are on, and over half receive prescriptions from more than one provider. To solve this, Arine created a software platform: a scalable, intelligent cloud-based system that drives clinical improvement, patient engagement and care team collaboration by solving medication errors with actionable insights generated by our artificial intelligence (AI) powered clinical algorithms. Through the platform, patients receive personalized care in a timelier fashion, resulting in improved health outcomes, and lower total cost of care.

Tech Brief

Arine’s platform consumes all available healthcare data from multiple health plans concurrently (medical and prescription claims), electronic health records (EHRs, e.g. Cerner), patient data (from patient apps, CRM) and augments it with information gathered directly from patients and their care teams. AI-powered algorithms analyze population-level, prescriber, and clinical patient profiles. • The population view highlights gaps in care, cost/utilization drivers and high areas of unmet need. • The prescriber-level analytics uncover mis-prescribing events, quality performance, and opportunities for provider education. • The clinical patient profiles include a detailed understanding of a patient’s social, behavioral and clinical risk factors. This patient profile is then automatically analyzed for deviations from evidence-based treatment guidelines, which are surfaced as “gaps” in care. These gaps are then “solved” by the platform, which automatically outputs clinical guideline-driven recommendations personalized to each patient, their medications, their health status and their diagnoses. Our machine learning models and predictive analytics further allow us to proactively address downstream negative consequences, as well as evaluate which interventions in which heterogeneous patient populations have the greatest impact on improving health.

Tech Differentiators

Arine offers differentiated value from other solutions with the following capabilities: ● Ability to ingest multi-source data in automatically through our flexible data pipelines ● Ongoing monitoring functions to track changes in patient health status, allowing for timely interventions ● Advanced AI-driven analytics to understand data on all levels (population, prescriber, patient) with predictive capabilities to enable proactive, targeted clinical interventions ● Automated measurement and reporting of outcomes to understand impact of interventions in order to facilitate payment based on clinical value and ROI ● Configurable platform to fit within existing workflows and address client-specific programs/needs ● Ability to address the whole patient from social, behavioral and clinical context; going beyond simple medication surveillance Arine is shifting the paradigm around medication management from a “check the box” approach involving limited information (e.g. one-dimensional data), assembly-line interventions (e.g. call-center driven outreach), and point solutions (e.g. adherence tools) with limited cost benefit to a 360-degree “whole person care” model that takes into account a patient’s evolving social, clinical and behavioral context, and the care team’s workflow and communication needs. We are reimagining medication management and clinical pharmacy services as a suite of patient-centric, technology enabled clinical interventions that deliver high ROI and drive best-in-class clinical and economic outcomes for our partners.


In the first couple years of commercialization, Arine has demonstrated a minimum ROI of 6:1 for our clients, and as a result, every client has expanded their engagement with Arine within 6 months. Arine has demonstrated an ROI of 14:1 with Arine’s technology-enabled medication management program in the high-risk, high-cost Medicaid population. We were able to achieve these results by reducing hospitalizations by 40% and total cost of care by 15%. Due to these statistically and clinically significant improvements, we have now expanded this program across this State’s Medicaid population. We also demonstrated a ROI of 7:1 in a MAPD population by increasing their Part D STAR measures to 5 STARs from 3.5 STARs. This improvement allowed the plan to receive associated bonus payments. Pharmacist efficiency, measured as time spent on each members’ comprehensive medication review, is improved fivefold by the Arine platform. Pharmacist effectiveness, measured as the percentage of recommendations implemented by the members’ primary care provider and specialists, is 92% using the Arine platform. Patient satisfaction measured as Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 94.

Why Us

Since its first commercialization in 2019, Arine has expanded within 12 leading healthcare organization at rapid pace due to the incredible improvement in clinical and economic outcomes (5-STAR quality ratings and reduction in total cost of care).

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