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Sean Duffy

Problem Tech Solves

Omada Health is a virtual-first care product that addresses five of the most expensive chronic conditions: prediabetes, diabetes, musculoskeletal issues, hypertension and mental health issues, which range from $500 to $10,000 per person, per year in medical expenses. Omada activates patients to take care of their own health by supporting them with high-touch, data-informed care teams, personalized treatment plans, and cellular connected devices, reducing both out-of-pocket and employer medical spending.

Tech Brief

Our user-friendly desktop and mobile applications provide integrated care pathways across five chronic conditions and their co-morbidities. Components include: Asynchronous 1:1 human-led care team support via direct messaging Peer group support Remote weight, blood pressure, and glucose monitoring through cellular connected devices Computer vision for virtual physical therapy treatment Personalized treatment plans supported by machine learning customization Anywhere access Cross-platform referrals Omada’s integrated virtual-first care programs are based upon trust and human connection, and amplified by technology. Providing integrated care pathways and asynchronous 1:1 human coaching allows members to better manage their chronic conditions on a daily basis, improving outcomes and reducing out-of-pocket and employer medical spending. Previous solutions treat their members in silos, treating one chronic condition independently of the others and not taking a member’s co-morbidities into account. They provide a one-size-fits all solution to address a member’s health challenges. In person options are limited by availability, convenience, cost and short appointments once every few months. Other solutions take a technology-focused approach, limiting the amount of human connection members receive and instead relying on automated nudges to create short-term changes. Our mobile and desktop application provides integrated care pathways across five chronic conditions and their co-morbidities: Data-driven interventions to support lasting change Behavior change + clinical guidelines delivered at scale Dedicated care teams to support members’ changing needs Interactive condition-specific content Social support from dedicated peer communities Goal-setting and goal feedback from a member’s care team Easy self-monitoring through condition-specific connected devices Cross-program referrals Physician-guided care through telemedicine capabilities

Tech Differentiators

Omada uniquely brings together connected devices, social support, technology and human care that is always available and creates personalized plans that help members make progress towards their own health goals. This blend helps members interpret the data, try different interventions and observe the differences to create lifestyle changes that last over the long term. Omada’s business model ensures that there is no cost for most members so we can reduce the barrier to entry especially for those most in need of this type of support. The market has players that focus on a specific condition or clinically supporting a set of conditions, but very few companies support members with multiple conditions with integrated evidence-based programs that help attack the root of most problems, including nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction. Omada continues to add innovative capabilities, like combining category-leading CGM sensors with coaching by a qualified care team including credentialed diabetes specialists. This team helps members make sense of the 100 glucose values they get every day from the sensor and make those insights actionable. This is a powerful combination to drive long term behavior change.


Engagement Among 500,000 members across 50 states, we’ve achieved the following: 13+ million care team messages exchanged with members 100+ million device interactions across programs 1+ billion actionable health data points, and another 25,000 every 30 minutes Average of 31 weekly points of engagement per member, including activity tracking, meal tracking, weigh-ins, logins, and group messages An average of 15.8 logins per member/week 88% member satisfaction Outcomes/ROI Where many virtual health companies stop at metrics of short-term engagement, such as enrollment numbers and logins, Omada focuses on actually improving lifelong health. That’s why we measure impact by how we engage members over the long term. In major internal study, members in Omada for Diabetes had, on average: 0.8–1.4% reduction hemoglobin A1C, demonstrating improved blood sugar control 15-point decrease in total cholesterol 11% increase in medication adherence Decrease in diabetes distress score $1,169 per member/year cost savings A study on the Omada for Musculoskeletal program showed: 51% average pain reduction 71% average functional improvement 98% showed improvement in area of concern 27% overall reduction in medical spend per member 1.7:1 ROI National health insurance provider offering Omada for Prediabetes and Weight Management experienced, on average: Per-member cost savings of $348 in year one, and $989 through year two Employer ROI of 1.7:1 in year one, and 2.7:1 through year two Participant weight loss of 2.1% in year one, and 4.1% through year two 19% of participants lost/maintained 5% or more of their initial weight in year one, 24% in year two

Why Us

Omada is the first V1C platform to earn NCQA's Population Health Accreditation for its T2 Diabetes and T2+Hypertension programs, based on excellence in member engagement. Where competitors use short-term engagement metrics, Omada measures impact on long-term quality engagement with members and helps them make clinically measurable, sustained changes in behavior.

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