Caresyntax delivers actionable insights to make surgery smarter and safer with its enterprise-grade digital surgery platform.

Dennis Kogan

Problem Tech Solves

Surgery accounts for more than half of all hospital revenue and nearly three-quarters of all cause-specific deaths in the United States. While data analytics consume nearly every aspect of our lives, from business to social media to sports, the operating room (OR) stands as one of the lone places with troves of critical data yet to be uncovered. Lack of access to this data and the inability to draw actionable insights makes surgeons’ jobs more difficult and increases the likelihood of surgical errors, risking patient safety. While the need for these data insights has always existed, the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored just how important they will be for hospitals to recover. In fact, hospitals lost over $200 billion as a direct result of diminished surgical caseload in just the first five months of the pandemic. Every successful path forward necessitates a technology platform that generates actionable insights from the OR and allows hospitals to benchmark and improve care, and use surgical resources more efficiently. Caresyntax created its digital surgery platform to address this problem and allow actors to monitor and measure surgical operations, all while collecting valuable, real-world data.

Tech Brief

Caresyntax’s enterprise-grade digital surgery platform delivers actionable insights to improve patient outcomes by using proprietary software and AI to analyze large volumes of video, audio, images, device data, and clinical and operational data in and around the OR. This real world evidence can be used by the care team live, during a procedure and accessed by those outside the operating room via the platform’s dedicated telehealth link. After a procedure, the Caresyntax platform provides insights that help surgeons benchmark and improve their care, hospital administrators use surgical resources more efficiently, medical device companies advance better products, and insurance companies understand risk and devise more tailored policies. Caresyntax’s digital surgery platform also allows hospitals to bounce back more quickly after the pandemic by enabling them to use real-time analytics to more granularly understand their market climate week over week; pivot sites of care, scheduling approaches, and restore surgical backlogs faster than competitors; and increase capacity for more cases by improving on-time starts, reducing turnover time.

Tech Differentiators

With its digital surgery platform, Caresyntax has created a new space in the market at the intersection of data collection and analysis. While some other companies may offer solutions that enable the collection of real-life operating room data, or have the capability to analyze data and turn it into actionable insights, Caresyntax is the only company that does both. Caresyntax is able to aggregate and collect large volumes of both structured and unstructured data and then deploy its analytics solutions to improve patient safety, limit surgical complications, and increase overall efficiency. By pairing the telehealth component with data analytics, Caresyntax’s platform provides real-time support while providing surgeons with the data insights to diagnose the problem and course correct. For example, Caresyntax’s analytics can detect when there’s a higher chance of a surgical site infection, and that information can instantly help inform the decisions that the surgical team makes with the outside expert. Caresyntax is also vendor agnostic and has a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) designation, which allows it to connect with more partners and encourages hospitals to utilize new technology without fear of litigation.


According to research from McKinsey & Company, the average hospital saw a 35 percent reduction in surgical volume from March through July 2020. Hospitals using Caresyntax’s platform, however, completed 16 percent more surgeries than the national average. This resulted in $324,000 of additional revenue per operating room, allowing the hospitals to survive the worst of the pandemic thanks to actionable surgical insights. Importantly, surgeons were able to take on 1.5 more surgeries per day based on the newfound operating capacity, meaning they were able to not only maintain but expand their surgical capacity and continue serving patients who needed care.

Why Us

Caresyntax fosters innovation across an industry that has been hesitant to accept change. Using proprietary software and AI to analyze large volumes of data, Caresyntax is helping surgeons benchmark and improve their care, hospital administrators use resources more efficiently, medical device companies improve products, and insurance companies better understand risk.

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