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Ruthia He

Problem Tech Solves

Done connects adults with ADHD with licensed psychiatric providers who provide our patients with treatment and medication for their ADHD through an online platform that links communication, appointment scheduling, therapy by videoconference, ongoing support, and more in a single, individualized Patient Portal. Done leverages technology to provide relief to the ~5% adult population with ADHD by making ADHD treatment more accessible. Unlike traditional in-person office visit models, Done’s platform instantaneously matches patients to providers who are fully-licensed to practice in their state for virtual visits. Patients receive comprehensive evaluations and can start treatment as soon as the day after signing up for services. Our providers coordinate with primary care physicians or other specialists and request records as needed while the Ryan Haight pandemic health exemptions are in place. Done is already planning for the removal of these exemptions and will soon pilot a method for patients to see providers in physical locations near them for the in-person visit required by the Act before providers can prescribe ADHD medication. After the initial visit, patients can continue to receive ongoing treatment via Done's online platform rather than having to go to a doctor's office for visits and prescription refills. Done is also looking into the possibility of at-home monitoring for more advanced medical cases. Done was one of the first companies in the ADHD telehealth space and has proven itself to be the best prepared and most reliable company to safely and conveniently manage the prescription process for Schedule 2 controlled substances.

Tech Brief

Done's platform and intake process seamlessly connects patients with providers to start their ADHD treatment process in less than 30 minutes. Patients complete an ASRS-A online questionnaire that assesses their fit for Done's ADHD services. Once confirmed, patients have the option of being matched to a psychiatric provider in their state and booking their first appointment. Patients then complete PHQ-9 and GAD-7 questionnaires to assess depression and anxiety along with other medical history questions on their Patient Portal. Patients can also view upcoming appointments, message their provider, and receive important information about their refills and treatment, or contact Done's dedicated Customer Support team to address any outstanding issues. Done's platform improves performance versus in-person office visits by putting patients and providers in touch with a few mouse clicks. Providers can schedule appointments directly on patients’ e-calendars and patients can opt-in to automatic prescription renewals once on a stable treatment plan. Routine appointments are still required - but our platform reminds them automatically. Both providers and patients can have videoconference treatment sessions from the comfort of their own home. ADHD patients no longer need to remember to bring appointment materials or leave home/work on time, and can consult their provider with the click of a button. Providers can also set their own hours and potentially increase the number of patients they can treat by eliminating their commute to a physical location, the cost of maintaining a private practice space, and potential security risks by not conducting treatments in their home.

Tech Differentiators

Traditional ADHD treatment is laborious and inconvenient. Virtual ADHD treatment using Done’s platform increases accessibility by widening the pool of available providers to patients and available patients to providers and enabling providers to see patients in multiple states where they might be licensed (ex. a provider licensed in CA and NY who lives full-time in CA can see patients in both states using Done’s platform). Done offers a breakthrough in a cluttered market by enabling patients who normally would not be able to receive Schedule 2 controlled substances virtually to do so going forward.


Following utilization of Done's platform, Patients with ASRS-A scores on a 0-6 point scale correlating to ADHD dropped by 43.29%, from 99.3% to 56.01%, a decrease of 43.59%. Mean patient scores dropped by 1.827, from 5.259 to 3.432, a decrease of 34.74%:

Why Us

Done lives and breathes its "E.A.S.I." core values: Excellence, Accountability, Selfleness, and Impact. We are EXCELLENT in everything that we do. We are ACCOUNTABLE in delivering the best experience to those who need it the most. We SELFLESSLY commitment to patient's success. And our IMPACT changes lives for the better.

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