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We all know that cancer is a major threat to life. In 2020, WHO indicated 18.1 million people were diagnosed with cancer and 10 million deaths. The main cause of cancer being so deadly is low therapeutic efficacy. The objective response rate achieves 25%, while 75% experience some sort of tumor that does not shrink and process. In other words, we are in urgent need of a better strategy for cancer therapy such as precision medicine. Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) can be real-time monitored, expressing a similar heterogeneity to the primary tumor in blood which becomes a critical biomarker in precision medicine which can be non-invasively collected, real-time monitoring, expressed a similar heterogeneity to the primary tumor in blood, play a critical biomarker role in precision medicine. Although CTCs represent such potential quality in personalized therapy, the application of CTCs has been limited by the scarcity of these cells in the blood. You may find only one CTC in 1 ml of the blood sample. To overcome the problem, we have developed a bionic plate that simulates the tumor growth environment. CTCs can also be expanded to more than 1000 folds for drug screening, supporting more direct and personalized therapeutic information for oncologists and patients.

Tech Differentiators

Currently, clinicians mainly rely on statistical analysis, images data, and histochemical stain to evaluate and plan treatment regimens. Discrepancies in drug efficacy from one patient to another cannot be fully addressed through statistical analysis and empirical therapy, rather, other factors should be considered. Therefore, the recent development target of cancer therapy is precision medicine. Targeted therapy steps out further towards precision therapy. However, only 27% of patients can be treated with actionable targeted therapy drugs, and 62% of them achieved remission from treatment. E.V.A. select, which presents properties of individual viability and clinically exclusive assessment, supports more direct and personalized treatment information for oncologists and patients. The drug screening platform helps patients avoid the treatment cycles of trial and error and prevent tumor progression over time.


We have academic collaborations with Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, MacKay Memorial Hospital, and Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital, and Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital. We also have partnerships with JW diagnostics Inc. Hualian Biomed, SONGYI SYSTEM CO., LTD., and OPEN AI FAB. Both genetic test companies JW and Hualian are our distributors, and a combination between genetic tests and our E.V.A. select may support a better strategy to approach precision medicine. The automatic system of CTC isolation is being built by SONGYI and the personalized drug list is being generated by OPEN AI FAB.

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