The digital clinic for multiple addictions

Yusuf Sherwani, M.D.

Problem Tech Solves

Employers have invested heavily in addiction programs and EAPs, but often the programs are siloed and have low engagement (about 3 percent on average for EAPs). They are also not effective, and people know that. So employers don’t reap the rewards and savings from their investments. Quit Genius has a very high success rate – we have a verified 52 percent quit rate in our tobacco and vaping programs, about 5x higher than traditional cessation programs. And we align our incentives with the employer’s, guaranteeing a minimum quit rate for their population or they don’t pay for the program. Quit Genius, the employer and the employee all succeed when people enroll and are able to quit. The Quit Genius program focuses not only on addiction, but also behavioral and mental health, providing a digital solution that treats the whole person, helping employers build a more resilient workforce. Today, unfortunately most employers don’t offer an online solution for overcoming addiction. They offer the same, decades-old programs that are not effective and are difficult to access. COVID-19 has led to even more significant barriers to care, preventing access to most in-person care while also doubling the number of people suffering from addiction. It’s the right time for a digitally delivered, evidence-based program.

Tech Brief

Quit Genius delivers the industry's most complete virtual clinic for addiction. The program combines virtual behavioral therapy with approved medication and connected devices to help people overcome addiction from the privacy of their home. To date, Quit Genius has helped more than 750,000 people conquer their addictions. The average success rate for people in the Quit Genius tobacco program is 52 percent, far higher than traditional methods. Quit Genius is based on decades of research, taking proven techniques and combining them in a new way, leveraging technology to make it accessible to all. The program comprises several components, all with demonstrated outcomes to help employees with tobacco, alcohol or opioid addiction: Our app, which delivers evidence-based psychotherapeutic behavioral strategies that help a person establish and maintain changes in substance use. People - coaches and counsellors that a person can dialogue with as much as needed, plus anonymous peer support groups in the app. Medication – studies have shown that this is a critical step for both alcohol and opioids use disorders, for treatment and maintaining outcomes. Connected devices - breathalyzers and salivary test kits that connect to a smartphone help the patient to better track their progress. Quit Genius does this all digitally, in a way that protects privacy, while addressing addiction and behavioral health. Each participant is assigned a physician-led care team that prescribes appropriate medications and, through monthly appointments, monitors adherence to make sure craving support is delivered in a safe way.

Tech Differentiators

Most competitors are programs developed for a specific addiction. Tobacco cessation is a mature market with many resources available ranging from state quit lines to health plan programs. The problem is they have not been very effective or widely accessible. The Quit Genius quit rate of 50+ percent is 5x higher than the quit rate for traditional cessation programs. When it comes to alcohol and opioids, options include: Outpatient care, which is difficult to access, offers limited follow up, and can cost between $5K-10K for 90 days. Inpatient care, which may be out of network, involves a co-pay, has variable outcomes and costs between $20K-60K for 90 days. Quit Genius has woven together a single dynamic program that allows employers and health care plans to work with a single vendor for all addiction needs.


Quit Genius is the only digital clinic for addictions to be clinically validated in a randomized-controlled trial and 8 peer-reviewed studies and counting. These studies have found: 52% program quit rate vs 5% via telephonic coaching 82% engagement rate across participants See published research at

Why Us

Quit Genius is making a big impact on addiction by making effective, evidence-based treatment available to all. With much higher-than-average quit rates, Quit Genius is not only improving lives but also reducing the long-term health, societal and financial impacts of addiction for both employees and employers.

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