Technology enabled telehealth service supporting maternal-infant care from preconception to early childhood.

Sigalit Marmorstein MSN, PHN, FNP-BC

Problem Tech Solves

The maternal care gap is growing - 20% of Obstetricians leave their position annually. The U.S has the highest rate of maternal-infant morbidity and mortality than any other developed nation. American women are three times more likely to die during pregnancy, delivery, or within one year of giving birth than women in any other country. 60% of these outcomes are preventable. The cost of these outcomes is estimated at $400 billion annually. Patients love BabyLiveAdvice as it is a service that supports women's every need from pregnancy to two years of age in one place

Tech Brief

BabyLiveAdvice (BLA) utilizes a telehealth platform with its own EMR system built on Vsee technology. BLA has a SaaS application and a fully developed telemonitoring dashboard that can connect to multiple devices such as blood pressure cuffs, scales, home glucose devices and more. We have full capacity to integrate with other applications, EHR systems and Insurance. BabyLiveAdvice is a telehealth enabled service that employ nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, nutritionists, lactation consultants and others to serve mothers and parents remotely. BabyLiveAdvice providers provide many of the billable services that are required but NOT provided regularly or at all currently by most clinics/providers due to staffing and limited resources which contributes greatly to poor care outcomes in maternal care. Ultimately we are physician extenders who can support the physician/hospital practice and keep and eye and ears on moms and their babies. We provide all the services required to reduce risk while improving outcomes.

Tech Differentiators

BabyLiveAdvice is the only company with an end-to-end technology-driven solution to support the entire maternal journey and postpartum period. BLA developed a complete tele-monitoring dashboard that allows us to monitor mom and baby and escalate clinical emergencies to their providers. We provide multi-specialty providers in one place; thus, consumers do not have to utilize different application for their needs. We partner with hospitals and medical providers to fill the existing care gaps in the system that place mothers and babies at risk. We provide group education, chat, video consultation and after-hours support. Our smartphone app and web site give users access to support where and when they need it most. Expert nurses and midwifes are available to support mothers, fathers and families by appointment or on demand with no need for a referral or travel to multiple office sites. Yes we are the only company that has such advanced technology, no how in implementation, capacity to tele-monitor without increasing physician burden. We also the only company that have full suites of services such as educational class, chat with provider, video visits, phone visits, peer support groups and all in 250 languages with platforms in Spanish and English.


The product to date exceed expectations with 22,000 users to date we can demonstrate outcome data such none of our competitors. Findings from a few of our pilots: • Women who received online services scored significantly higher than the women who did not in the areas of self-actualization, health responsibility, exercise, nutrition, and interpersonal support • The participants reported the behaviors that indicated the greatest amount of change were communications with partner (51.2%) and relaxation (47.4%) • Additional findings demonstrated that 75.9% felt their confidence for labor and birth had increased • 91.4% would recommend this service to a friend • 784%–85% of the women felt extremely confident about their birth option, preparation for birth and understanding risk signs. While 62%–76% felt confident • The supported group had 66% higher breast feed adherence at 6 months vs the non-supported group • 62% of supported mothers received pre and postpartum depression screening and treatment • Supported mothers had 43% fewer C-sections • Supported mothers had 58% reduction in substance abuse • 92% of supported mothers adhered to supplement consumption (prenatal vitamins, iron and folic acid) • Supported mothers had 68% improvement in Blood Pressure and fasting sugars control • Babies of supported mothers were 33% less likely to have NICU admission

Why Us

BabyLiveAdvice (BLA) is a women and nurse founded company with the mission to close the care gaps and improve infant morbidity & mortality. BLA is the only company on the market that addresses maternal infant health, as a complete journey addressing every pain point and gap in care.

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