SummerBio is a state-of-the-art robotic CLIA lab processing >10,000s COVID-19 PCR tests/day at $10 a test price with volume discounts.

Dave Scheinman

Problem Tech Solves

SummerBio offers high-quality RT-PCR surveillance testing at the lowest cost in the U.S. We can do this because the SummerBio system uses state-of-the-art robotics and automated liquid handling systems to dramatically increase throughput and decrease costs as compared to existing testing solutions. The cost savings is incredible and we pass it on to our customers who are mainly schools offering PCR surveillance testing as low as $10 versus the going PCR assay of $100.

Tech Brief

We began in early 2020 as a group of life science automation industry veterans with decades of experience building and operating large-scale laboratory robotics, coming together to find a solution to large-scale COVID-19 testing, soon joined by world-class molecular biologists, infectious disease medical doctors, public health experts, software engineers, designers and operations executives. After assembling the highest-throughput RT-qPCR system in the world, we decided to form a mission-driven company that could rapidly scale up testing and help shine a light on a very dark time. We named the company SummerBio.

Tech Differentiators

The COVID-19 pandemic has been met with an unprecedented wave of innovation in vaccine development, therapeutics, and testing. However, the ability to actually deliver affordable PCR tests has not kept pace with the widespread need. SummerBio has developed an end-to-end system to massively automate the gold-standard RT-qPCR process: -High volumes suitable for safeguarding entire populations (CLIA lab that can handle 100,000 tests/day) -Fast turnaround times (approximately 2.5 hour processing time) Achieving time-to-results within 12 hours for 90% of samples received and 100% within 24 hrs for our customers in the past year. -Extremely low costs compared to any existing RT-qPCR system with per test cost ranging from $30 to $10 depending on volume discounts Our goal is to massively increase the availability of high quality testing for all.


Yes, in only 3 months SummerBio built a state-of-the-art robotic CLIA lab capable of processing 100,000 COVID-19 PCR tests A Day for as low as $10 a test non-pooled. To date SummerBio’s Menlo Park, CA clinical facility has met the extensive needs of the Los Angeles Unified school district and others in CA reporting 90% of test results in less than 12 hours and 100% in 24 hours. With the Delta variant sweeping the country and reservoirs of unvaccinated likely to remain vulnerable indefinitely, SummerBio’s nationwide build out of more high-volume, high quality + low-cost facilities is the best solution for keeping the country safe and schools open.

Why Us

No other company, that we know of, has come together so fast and has had as much of an impact in this pandemic as SummerBio and safe guarding peoples lives.

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